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  latenerd  |  11

I think what Paola might be trying to say is that could be a group of a-holes right there, so maybe it's better not to belong. Which doesn't excuse what the "friend" did, of course.

By  liinkinparkfan97  |  34

I think it's time for some new friends. You deserve so much better than that OP! Now go and post that picture with their faces covered in the poop emoji just to let them know how shitty they are to you.

By  Reality_bites  |  14

Personally Im wondering what the other 18 people think. Do they like the OP? If so, to hell with the "friend". Actually to hell with the "friend" anyway.

By  The_Skittish_One  |  27

If I were you, I would hit the unfriend button. Facebook can be painful to look at even at the best of times but that kind of obvious nastiness is just uncalled for.
Sorry it happened to you, OP.