By Anonymous - Canada
Today, my girlfriend and I were outside tanning in the sun. I asked her if she could put some sunscreen on my back. Thinking it would be funny, she used the lotion to write "I Love Little Boys". I work as a children's swimming instructor. FML
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By  amelinat  |  0

Child abuse jokes are always always in poor taste, your girl friend must have a sick sense of humor. Even if your job wasnt working with children it is still a very bad joke.

  rosary143  |  1

Geez calm down it was a joke its not like she ment it, and its not nesesery for them to break up, and if your insulted by that then you shouldn't be on fml

By  carmel  |  0

Ohh, nicee girlfriend.
Some of the stupid parents might have even thought it meant you loved little kids and you are great with children? :D

You should have just rubbed it in anyway.

By  hk_fml  |  9

xD I think that'd be hilarious if you didnt work with little boys, I mean their parents are going to see it and it's only going to make you look reallllyyy suspicious

By  DeeJayD  |  0

I'd suggest wearing something like a wetsuit shirt in the pool until it goes away. If anyone asks, just tell them what happened. Providing they're not completely fucking stupid, they should understand.

By  trynightday  |  0

Today, I took my two sons, aged 7 and 11, to the local swimming pool. When the swimming instructor turned around, I saw that he had 'I Love Little Boys' burned into his back. FML.

Nah, no one's gunna take it seriously. If you DID love little boys, I'm sure you'd be a little more subtle than that.