By Anonymous - 19/02/2010 20:27 - United States

Today, my friends told me, "Don't worry about your bad acne. It kind of looks like the pattern the avatars have on their heads." FML
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your friends seem to be broken, better go buy some new ones

some friends you have!!!


some friends you have!!!

NGM_47 0

Actually, his friends seem amazing!

bettadenne1 0

fix yo face son!

SLKBlack96 5

actually they are called Na'vi, not avatars. dumbasses

LOL, this was so funny XD !

They will eat your eyes for jujubes. /speech impediment

hotscar 3

op is a girl

dude acne fucking sucks. but theres some really good stuff u can get to fix that shit

MetroidSlayer01 8

How is acne an FML? How are your friends being awsome an FML? You fail at life.

lol that's kinda funny

ShokuMasterLord 0

They might have been referring to Avatar: TLA.

mmhmm138 0

Tell those Avatards to buy u some Proactiv

tweetbaby14 18

just letting you guys know my cousin she tried proactive and it made her face really dry and her face had red blotches or whatever and I felt really bad for her because she had to choose acne or red patches a few months before her wedding. and OP your friends are jerks

tweetbaby14 18

oh yea moral of the story proactive isn't for everyone

Uh yeah, but acne definitely doesn't look like an arrow.

pink_shades 0

:[ proactive!

aww sucks for u

haha :) that's pretty tight.

madie_hearts09 0

is your acne blue?? that'd be cool

madie that sooo funny!!!

beiberlookalike1 0

nicee pic sammmy:)

your friends seem to be broken, better go buy some new ones

did they nickname you crater face? cuz that would be kinda cool...

SLKBlack96 5

pizza face would be better.....

KayS2 0

Lol, I told my sister that she's the 'Rocky Mountain Chic'. It's a reference to an original song from the show Good Luck Charlie.

that movie sucked

that movie rocked!

that movie rocked

what is wrong with you? that movie was amazing! ;)

Are you joking? That movie was beautiful!

purplemnm 9

pah-lease...that movie was so lame and plagerized that they had to give it some cool effects to distract you.

well,^ arent we just miss debbie downer?

PsychoMerk 0

or negative Nancy :)

purplemnm 9

oh my opinion makes me a Debbie downer...sorry Hollywood likes to fuck with you and plagerize a classic.

actully most of the plot was a twist on aliens which was by Cameron too. so it's not stolen because he can do whatever he wants to his own story.

damnrosi 0

it is plagerized. Its just blue Pocahantus in space. but the special effects are still very good and entertaining

cookie_monster2 0

and factories make Twinkies look delish so they can distract you from all the calories it has. how about u lose some weight instead of getting on peoples nerves

purplemnm 9

how bout you shut up before I shove that fruit up your ass mr. cookie monster?! I'm not fat...I'm a size 7...gawd

tweetbaby14 18

size 7 pants Id hate to break it to you but that is fat...

Well they did a damn good job distracting me. Being American even the slightest shiny something can keep me content. :D And I personally loved Avatar.

manicrose 3

maybe you should audition if there's going to be a sequel

matt1234321 0

hahaha thts hilarious can u make air shoot out of ur hands?

TheSexynator 0

no but he make sumthing else shoot out of his zits

Wrong Avatar.... :/

there not true friends then