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By Holls - 12/04/2012 13:47 - United Kingdom - Bristol

Today, I met a guy while out with some friends. He kept blowing up his cheeks, so I did it back to him and asked him why he did it. He pulled out a card from his wallet and pointed at it. It was a card saying he may have speech or facial difficulties because he had a stroke when he was 12. FML
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TKello 6

I wouldn't worry about it, I mean yeah it's embarrassing for you, but it doesn't sound like he was upset or anything. If anything, it's probably a common occurrence for him.


Fyl his life then! The same happened to popeye.

Damn it that comment is all wrong..its f his life. I dont see what op's fml is about though.

TKello 6

I wouldn't worry about it, I mean yeah it's embarrassing for you, but it doesn't sound like he was upset or anything. If anything, it's probably a common occurrence for him.

33- There is a difference between asking "what is wrong with your face" and asking "why do you do that", like the OP did. One makes you an asshole, and one makes you curious.

33, OP didn't (necessarily) say "what's wrong with your face", she asked why he was puffing his cheeks. There are tons of reason people might do that -maybe the food they ordered is too spicy, or they're trying to whistle, etc. I would've asked too (if it's spicy food I'd know to avoid what he's having, if it's the whistling thing then I could commiserate over our mutual lack of ability). Asking a simple question does not make a person a jerk. And sometimes "what's wrong with you face" is a perfectly valid question (like if it were all blue and purple and swelling horribly)...

I think the best thing she could do at this point, is date the guy or put out. All will be forgiven.

She never knew what was wrong till.she asked for all she knew she probably thought he was hitting/flirting with her n she did it back!!!

I probably would have done the same thing, because I would have thought he was pretending to be a puffer fish (everyone does that). Maybe that's just me, but I can't blame the OP here.

blackheart24 10

74 I agree. It was an innocent mistake ad everyone makes them.

Anyone else puff up their cheeks after reading this?

94, Glad I'm not the only one who did hahah. 74, I agree as well. If you didn't know, you can't be blamed.

MerrikBarbarian 9

I puffed my cheeks just before reading this as I was practicing bear imitations to scare deer poachers off my land. :p

105 - Amazing! Deer are pests. ><

BehindU 5

Makes you really appreciate what you have.

16 - You have the most distracting profile picture on this site. I have a girlfriend who I'm faithful to, but this picture I find myself looking at -.-

iloveweed69 7

Just do what I do: Do not question why and ignore it.

Is that a suffocation picture I see? ******' A!

RedPillSucks 31

As long as you were asking politely, I don't see what the problem is.

I think it's more an FML because she did the puffy face back.

I think OP thought that that was seductive and she was successfully flirting back.

emilydotawesome 1

I had several at 13/14. I fully recovered thankfully but I've been under strict supervision for about 3 years in case I' have another one. The worst part is that I can no longer go on roller coasters or drink any alcohol and stuff.

Glad to hear you're ok, strokes are terrible no matter how old you are, but I feel like its worse in children as part of their childhood gets taken away.

They're more common than you think. 300 children a year. I said roller coasters was the worst because I used to be extremely afraid of them until 11/12. And once I found out what I'd been missing, I went on a roller coaster streak. It's a big impact on your life. It's one of those things that you never realise that it even happens until it happens to you or somebody close to you. I was a bit shocked because my only symptom was a very strong headache (although I later went temporarily blind in the top right corner of both my eyes. Which lasts between 2 and 3 weeks). But the doctors said that you can get them very easily if you're unlucky. They've had patients who have had them from having their head too far back while getting their hair cut!

lukep135 6

I wouldn't worry. The odds of meeting someone blowing up their cheeks and it turns out its because of a stroke are 1 in a lifetime

Ah, the old unintentional asshole moment. We've all had one. I've had more than 15.

I wouldn't go as far to say OP is an asshole, but she definitely embarrassed herself.

yaya1213 6


Pfff. 15? That's nothing. I've had 50+ asshole moments on this site alone. I think we all know who the real asshole is on her--Wait.

62 But were you're asshole moments unintentional?

I'd say it's about a 60:40 ratio of intentional:unintentional. However when I say intentional, I'm not really trying to be an asshole, but I'm usually grilling someone for making what I thought was an idiotic comment.

My comments are failing at the moment...just ignore me...

-67 yes... yes, very interesting indeed. We must do further research in the area of assholeiotology.

I haven't had one yet thank god, hopefully I won't :')

98 Out of all the grammar and spelling errors in this thread you choose mine? I feel so loved! :D

Sorry OP, that must have been awkward, but you had no way to know without asking.

and thats why insensitivity should only come with the knowledge

Well it's not like you knew. The only real thing to do when someone does that is to do it back. You don't always assume something's wrong. It's not your fault, OP, unless you laughed or something afterwards.

Damn OP, that sucks. I feel sorry for the other guy, but I didn't hit YDI simply because you felt bad for what you did.