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  legonut6  |  0

Stop being stupid and bad. YDI for being stupid and bad. If you weren't stupid and bad, then he wouldn't speak to you in the same voice that he does the dog.

Anyone wanna gø for inverse, converse, and/or contrapositive?

  ScreamingDay  |  0

Stop labelling, and get a REAL picture, asshole.
Scene kids aren't different then anyone else, they just happen to dress differently then you, and you can't accept that.

  keenflow  |  2

How is this considered a fml...? Your were on earth before the dog so technically he talks to the dog the same way he talks to you. Either way what does it matter? It's not like he's buying it shoes or taking it bowling so really there's not that big of a problem here dude...

  underaegis  |  0

lol guy brain= sexsex sexsexsexT.V.sexsexsexsex sexvideogamessexsexsex

PS your not really fat just chubby; which I've heard is hot.

"things could always be worse, for instance you could be ugly and work in the post office." -Adrine E. Gustto