By broke4life
Today, my boyfriend called me to ask if I knew the serial number for my laptop. I had given him my $650 gaming laptop to sell in his electronics store because I didn't need it and could use the money. Apparently it was stolen at some point yesterday and his cameras were turned off. FML
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  mike3775  |  33

I write them all down and put them in my safe, this way if something happens, I have that info. It has helped get back a few items of mine or the kids that has been stolen over the years

  Enslaved  |  36

Are you applying that the boyfriend stole the OP's laptop?
Him asking if she knows the serial number, sounds like he might be filling out a police report.

  Justy101  |  23

#22 my mind went straight to the thought that he was checking that she didn't in fact know the serial number so that it wouldn't come back to bite him in the ass. But maybe that's because my criminology course has taught me that coincidences are unlikely and it's almost always the boyfriend.

  Abatu  |  4

I've yet to see statistical evidence of that

rape and murder tend to occur via aquatiances and exes

DA is always the bf...because it can't be others

either way is there actual evidence that "it's always the boyfriend"

they teach to always LOOK at the spouse first but that's for both genders not just guys