By Cecilly2010 - 28/04/2011 15:53

Today, my drunk dad started yelling at my dog for not having a job. FML
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yeah why cant he be like the dog on the beggin' strips commercial! lazy dog

Well someone's gotta be put to work. Booze isn't going to buy itself ya' hear.


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By any chance, are you the dog he's referring to?

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DivakiddOsz 5

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Potty mouth. Act like a lady instead of a neanderthal.

Oh, gosh darn you people who comment on how people thumb your own comments.

The dog should've replied, "Have you looked at the economy!?"

1: I have generously given all your comments a thumb down.:)

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i dont think they Like u very much diva LoL

Come on, people! Divakidd is only acting like the spoiled, entitled little diva she knows she is! Why are you all thumbs-downing her???! *hits thumbs down repeatedly*

DivakiddOsz 5

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hey cutie your getting thumbs down because Boone understands what your saying?

Diva, if you laugh at yourself, others will respect you more for it. Yes, it's a helpful comment from me. I'm a ******* people person. Get over it.

littlemissFYL 5

lol Smh at you #1. and your father was referring to you OP. I think this means something.

Today, I just got tips on how to improve my social skills from DocBastard... FML

be like the dog in that one commercial for that one thing

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I guess nobody really likes a diva lol

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You sure do make me giggle, you little bastard.

damn dogs, all gotta have jobs scooby doo.

DivakiddOsz 5

sureeeeeeeeee go choke on one .

it's okay diva.. everyone thumbs down mine too.. be the bigger person ;)

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hah diva shuttup, stop commenting on your own shit your giving everyone more reason to hate on you

Diva, you have been owned. Thanks for coming out.:p

this new update with the thumbs up/ thumbs down is ruining the commemt section bc everyone just complains about their comment getting thumbs downs. Old version FTW!

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well first off shes (diva) mexican and we already know they have poor vocabulary and dont know when to stop running their mouth. secondly she claims to be a bikini model for vogue?? and that there just means shes a stuck-up biotch

#179 agreed! now everyone is taling about thumbing downs, or only look at the top rated comments, its taking away the purpose of fml

yeah why cant he be like the dog on the beggin' strips commercial! lazy dog

if it was a platypus, that would be fine. they don't really do much

really 79 I'm gonna go on YouTube and watch it lol

Alicia17C 2

yeah it's beggin strips. it's a pun, as in bacon strips and dogs beg for them.

This2Rudy 7

47 win, nice phineas and ferb reference

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Maybe ur dad should join the dog commercial :P I meant maybe ur dog should join the commercial :P

233 I hope that's not you in ur profile pic

haha I hope not it's disturbing and gross but judging by his info it is lol :(

Ha, go big or go home! AirBud is where the real talent lies!

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I know! We are working our butts off and this dog is just watching? Unbelievable! I would give him a piece of my mind! *Hiccup*

EmoGiana 0

Oh god.. Not the puppies! They probably don't have jobs either. Damn puppies! *Falls over*

What the **** are you doing on the floor ? *helps him up*

EmoGiana 0

I'm a female! And I'm busy yelling at these puppies! *Chugs some vodka* Okay so where was I? Oh yeah. Damn dogs and their damn puppies! *Falls over again*

EmoGiana 0

I think I'm just sick of these stupid animals and their joblessness! *Smashes in to wall* You see? My dog should be at work right now, but instead he's busy licking his boy part on my bed. That is my job! Stupid dog. :P okay I'm done now

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And that's how you can certify that his drinking is now a problem...

ImaWiseGuy 5

worthless dog... I have the same problem with mine...

CommonSenseKarma 17


DivakiddOsz 5

that's what I said & ppl gave me thumbs down ... jesus HATERS

I DON'T HATE JESUS.... just your pointless comment.

I know "divakidd"! WHY CAN'T WE SHAKE OUR HEAD? it's OUR opinion..

DivakiddOsz 5

word -_- now thats pointless & annoying . Now we can't shake our heads

144- comments that consists of one word inherently lose, especially if that word is win.

they deleted your comment diva? wow this is childish!

CommonSenseKarma 17

I think people just generally dislike you at the moment. Have no worries,

I haven't done anything to anyone for them to dislike me though, I apologize for shaking my head, but everyone has their own opinion. I don't dislike the OP's father, like grow up and stop "disliking" someones comments because they said something you don't like... I JUST shook my head, you dont know what I was shaking it at...

CommonSenseKarma 17

I thought it was childish, for people to negatively rate your comments. For a site that involves extremely racy conversations, arguments, hate mail, haters, lovers (stalkers?), complaints, wins, fails, trolls, and a variety of fairies (or the equivalent of people on LSD), people can most certainly be childish. Why? They have no pancake mix. Seriously.

I whip my hair back n forth I whip my hair bac- no? okay.

daltreix 3

lol u should grow up for taking the dislikes so seriously

I'm not taking them seriously, I'll be the Bigger person ;) it's just dislikes...

you're the childish one seeing as you're getting upset over FML dislikes. simmer down kid.

dmb208 4

regsworld11, i admit i didnt even read half ur comments, but i sure enjoyed disliking them

you know it's just a comment right? you don't have to make a whole conversation to your friend about shaking your head STFU

the dog should have stood up for himself. perhaps taken a piss in your father's drunken mouth as he was passed out on the ground. *crawls back in hole*

missbunni you remind me of Kesha,. but in a good way. (:

I was just about to say that. the way he lips are curl makes her look like Kesha

KiddNYC1O 20

Yeah, "this is not a chatroom"...

Relalith 1

Please stay in that hole. Never have I seen comments like yours in my time on this site. They're all daft and that's exactly why they get voted down. *Blocks up your hole.*

haters gonna hate. I personally love my haters. marry me?

Altosax 4

missbunny, you're awesome! don't let them haters get to you, look at my comment, everyone hates...

Naomimi_fml 6

Funny how the ones who love "haters" are the ones who, coincidentially, receive the most criticism/hatred. I think I get it now- are your comments so unfunny because you want more people to dislike you and notice your desperation? Genius. Also, people who find you annoying shouldn't be called "haters." That's so negative sounding, like they're just criticzing you for no reason. There IS a reason, and that reason is that your posts are pointlessly stupid and vulgar.

I wanna piss on your keyboard so you can't comment anymore

231 youre quoting me back to me. how sweet. really, people. everyone has opinions. if you think you're angering me by stating them, you're not. so continue to try and upset me, it will not work.

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missbunny is funny as hell! u ungrateful bastards

Funny in a simple minded kinda way.

leave missbunneeeeh alooooone *cries like a lama* leeaave heeer aaloooone!! *creates confusion wether male or female*

well its not like his food just pays for itself

enonymous 8

You can give many jobs to a dog. Just a matter of what peanut butter feels best on your balls

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