By YumeWolf - 03/10/2015 23:01 - Netherlands - Utrecht

Today, I woke up in the elevator of my apartment building in the middle of the night, without my keys, phone, or shoes. Turns out I have been sleepwalking. FML
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Hi guys, OP here. Thanks for some of your funny comments, they made me laugh! To answer some questions, no, I do not sleep commando, yes I had pants on and no I wasn't robbed. I had a friend over, who stayed 'till pretty late (around 5 AM), so I was extremely exhausted. So exhausted that I fell asleep with my sweatpants still on, as I normally sleep without pants (so I was very lucky). I woke up about 30 minutes later, in the elevator. I had locked myself out, naturally, but luckily my friend lives in the same apartment building as me, and she had a spare key. I'm glad she opened the door when I rang her bell at 5:45 in the morning. I never had problems with sleepwalking before, and I haven't sleepwalked since. I hang my keys on the doorhandle every night, so that if I somehow manage to turn the lock and open the door, the keys will slide right off on top of my feet. That should wake me up if it ever happens again!

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Shadowvoid 33

Well trying taking a nap, maybe you'll sleepwalk right back into your room.

Please tell me you don't sleep commando....


Look at the bright side, at least it wasn't in the street.

I'm think if OP sleepwalked in the street they would not be waking up soon.

And they had clothes on. Could have slept nude.

Shadowvoid 33

Well trying taking a nap, maybe you'll sleepwalk right back into your room.

Murilirum 23

I used to sleepwalk when I was younger... Thankfully not anymore.

Please tell me you don't sleep commando....

Might need to see a neurologist for that. At least you weren't hurt!

addioty 19

That's super scary!! My sister the other night was sleepwalking when my dad visited and my dad and her were sleeping in the same room when he saw her get up, curl in a ball and hiss and proceed to hide from him. Not sure if she was possessed by a demon or whatever but considering she acts like a demon 24/7 I wouldn't be surprised honestly.

chrisbeaudoin 26

No where in the fml does it say they were wearing clothes

moo77_fml 20