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  melsaraj  |  9

bullshit, this is fake. even if you didn't have any action u wouldn't have just realized it and written an fml. this is someone writing about someone else. I call fake

  281go  |  4

I say don't get out some more...... I say invite the toaster,broom, and some more of the vacuums friends and see if you get more action from them.......

  jeremy418  |  0

wow you need to get laid well join the party but do something about it go on chat sites where I go or clubs etc .... that's what I do and it works but that unless you look bad or something no offense ... if you have an iPhone just get looty mix lol I think I spelled the crap right :)

  pinkdancer  |  0

i LOVE your tattoo. there's nothing hotter than a guy with a tat that's original instead of one that fucking looks like it was picked off of the "worlds top 100 most popular tattoos" list... ;)

  Daerauko  |  0

yeah, stop bitching and go out and take risks! meet people! it's not as hard as you "losers" (people who are in such selfpity or afraid to take a chance by talking to people) seem to imagine it