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  rainbowhobos  |  4

Lol, he's probably bullshitting you OP. He's just in it for the youthful hardcore smexx... since his wife obviously isn't good enough in bed as she used to back in the dayyy.

  Kylias  |  6

I wish you twits would learn the difference between "hacking" and "going to log on to his own only to see that she was already signed in".

  AziraLevana  |  2

29: You were correct. The only way "congradulations" would have been in his dictionary was if someone had added it, because "congratulations" is the correct spelling.

  xBangOut  |  4

It would be so funny if you get together with your boss and leave your boyfriend, because he didn't give her any choice :D :D Oh boy, poor boyfriend^^

By  shea627  |  20

that sucks big time cuz it seems kinda like a lose-lose situation. cheat on your boyfriend and go put with your married boss or risk being fired.