By Camille - 14/07/2010 00:02 - United States

Today, my boyfriend hacked my facebook account and set my status to say that I was in love with my boss. Seeing the post, my boss called me into his office, and told me he loved me too... FML
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FFML_314 11

Is he hot? Wow, that's horrible of me to say.

You should get with him to teach your boyfriend a lesson.


FFML_314 11

Is he hot? Wow, that's horrible of me to say.


I see a promotion on the way OP!!

6 now knows how to jack jokes from other people :D congradulations I offer my condolences to #4

FFML_314 11

Lol free date! Pretty sweet if you ask me.

My iPod corrected it to that and I was like w/e it prob knows better than me

FMLephant 2

I ain't saying you a gold digga...

Lol, he's probably bullshitting you OP. He's just in it for the youthful hardcore smexx... since his wife obviously isn't good enough in bed as she used to back in the dayyy.

Hit on Debra! (LIKE A BOSS) And the next step is likely "get rejected."

FFML_314 11

Damn, lol! You could have let me have it. I hardly catch mistakes from certain people, it made me feel proud.

rosemary1990 0

24 I so agree with you. A one night stand would make his day :P

281go 4

This would be the perfect time to ask for a raise.........

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FFML_314 11

Well aard, you know what they say. "Great minds think alike."

Giorgio272 2

free food and old man sex. you should be counting your lucky stars instead of bitching some people would be happy ffs.

pvthill 0

if u throw In a ******** u might get a promotion and a company car that will get ur bf bak for hacking ur fb account

hghiPigh 0

ydi for boasting sneakily by trying to pass this off as an fml

63, I think a BJ would also merit a company mug and T-shirt. At least, if I were that boss, I would throw it in.

onelove222 0

nice 57 hahahahaha cept the married with two kids part...we all know that won't happen....

Kylias 6

I wish you twits would learn the difference between "hacking" and "going to log on to his own only to see that she was already signed in".

StopTheFuckinCar_fml 0

if things don't work out w/ the boyfriend you have your boss as backup, so don't burn that bridge.

catalystics 2

the boyfriend hacked op's facebook? or did op just forget to log out

85/94: Agreed, with the addition "guessed my crappy and obvious password."

Lolpancakes 0

ydi, u had to have done something ur not telling us for him to do something like that

OhWowFYLindeed 0

You two can run away together! <3

29: You were correct. The only way "congradulations" would have been in his dictionary was if someone had added it, because "congratulations" is the correct spelling.

It would be so funny if you get together with your boss and leave your boyfriend, because he didn't give her any choice :D :D Oh boy, poor boyfriend^^

He will then, Swallow sadness Send some faxes Etc.

You should get with him to teach your boyfriend a lesson.

DarkHelmet 10

I can see a raise and promotion in your future

Paradoxasaurus 0

101, if only everyone had your face! OP deserves it for saying "hacked" when she probably just left herself logged on.

How is that ew? For all we know he's a successful man who is romantically involved with a coworker. Unprofessional? Yes. "ew?" Not exactly.

shea627 20

that sucks big time cuz it seems kinda like a lose-lose situation. cheat on your boyfriend and go put with your married boss or risk being fired.

padfootA 4

It never said the boss was married...

she never said that her boss was married,

kinda weird your boss is a friend on facebook. I don't know if id want my boss knowing every detail I put up on facebook

Totally agree with this one... At least have him on a limited profile so he can't see your posts. For that, YDI.

G_babyyy 0

your boyfriend wins this fml made me lol oh and fyl cause thats gross.

G_babyyy 0

forgot the space between lol and oh. forgive me grammar nazis.

FMLephant 2

I ain't saying you a gold digga...