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Today, my 6-year-old daughter watched The Lion King for the first time. Now, whenever I ask her to do something, she replies "Hakuna Matata" and doesn't even get up. I think she took "no worries" to mean "don't give a shit about anything". FML
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When she asks for something, tell her Hakuna Matata. She'll soon get the idea!

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When she asks for something, tell her Hakuna Matata. She'll soon get the idea!

Or go extreme. Stop wearing clothes, showering, cooking, and going to work. When she gets concerned scream Hakuna Matata mother ******.

that is a terrible thing to do to a child

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That's my credo about college now that it's the last two weeks

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Technically Hakuna Mutata is a "problem free philosophy" so she's using it wrong cause she's bout to make some problems.

actually it is Swahili for no problems, has nothing to do with philosophy other than some animated animals deciding to live by it

Oh I didn't know that movies are factual and completely true! You learn something new everyday...

I guess you don't know how jokes work ?

Do you? Because trying to convey sarcasm or humour through text is a difficult task. If he didn't understand it. So you executed it poorly.

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Why are you all being so mean? Dang!

I got what she meant. You guys are idiots.

Taken right, it is a great way to live, but she really might want to learn the whole song and have some definite responsibilities... Good luck, OP!

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Get her father to project his image on clouds in the night sky and then blare his voice telling her to stop messing about and listen to her parents.