By hoovered - United States
  Today, my friends decided it would be funny to give me a "hickey" with a vacuum cleaner while I was passed out drunk. Not only do I have to try and explain this to my girlfriend, but we're meeting her parents for lunch this afternoon. FML
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By  woody_fml  |  0

Dude, how wasted were you that you couldn't hear the vacuum cleaner? Unless it's an incredibly quiet vacuum cleaner.

I'd do it to you again if it's this easy, and cover your whole body with them. ;-P

By  jumper_fml  |  0

1. ice it 2. use a brush and massage the area 3. stretch out your skin, and very painfull use a quarter to spread out the blood under the skin 4. ice

it will be all red but it makes the hickey go away