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Today, I accidentally filled the lemonade machine with margarita mix that already had the tequila mixed in. It was served to three kids before anyone figured it out. FML
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I agree lucky kids.^^ Wonder how they felt.

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lol im sure those kids are asleep now..

You foiled the kids plans of getting drunk. Your a terrible adult.

I don't think they'll be lucky when they grow up and their brain is all ****** up But that's worth 10 seconds of fun isn't it :D Adolescance is a fun time :]

@20 They won't be doomed for the rest if their lives for getting drunk once before they can actually drink, if they want to get ****** up when they are older they will, causing way more damage than they did when they were young because now they can drink whenever they want

28- it's because your body has no idea WTF to do with that stuff and messes up a younger, still growing body far more than a fully mature one. which is why you need to be 21 to drink alcohol, but w/e I was jk and don't really care about it

@40 I know dude I wasn't trying to argue...I guess since a lot of people come on here to argue it might feel like when a person replies to another persons comment that they are looking for an argument

20- you're a moron and have no clue what you're talking about. you have to be 21 because our government has decided that that is when were responsible enough. other countries age requirement is much younger and they don't have nearly the issues with teens getting trashed and teens drunk driving. and... were one of the most unhealthy countries in the world. so chew on that for awhile...

lol Omg I drank that today ! but I'm not a kid lol.

they ain't getin ****** up wen I was about 3 I drank a few sips of vodka thinking it was water and now I run da streets screaming with my friends......but I choose tht lifestyle I can b normal if I want o.O

104: There is no reason for you to be so damned hateful. The legal age for drinking in the US is 21 years NOT ONLY because the "government" has decided that is a responsible age, but because that is when the brain has developed fully, for the most part. Obviously they are not ****** for life because they had some margarita; however, a child has less tolerance. I think what he was trying to say is that a child's brain isn't developed enough to handle regular alcohol intake without incurring some damage.

109- Who decided the legal drinking age? It wasn't me; it wasn't you. Right, it was the government. And the brain doesn't finish developing until age 25 anyway, not 21, even though it does very little developing between 12-25. There was no government involvement until Prohibition and since then, they haven't been able to keep their fingers out of it. MAYBE calling dude a moron was a little extreme but I'm sure that he's fine.

Dam, those some lucky ass kids. They got wasted before they hit 21. Cherish the moment, and live it up!

you can't just make lemonade yourself? you need a machine for it. wow you fail

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Damn, I came to this FML to say "Lucky kids." everyone beat me to it. D:

123 - I never said you set the legal age, and I didn't claim to have set it myself. I put the word government in quotations because I was quoting you, and didn't oppose that part of your comment. Also, I said 21 is when the brain has developed fully "for the most part". I'm not trying to argue, or tell you you're an idiot and that you don't know what you're talking about because I refuse to be someone who tries to school others on something they know little about. I was simply trying to make #20 clearer.

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I have a lemonade machine in my pants

hahah suck shit, forgot you yanks can't legally drink till your 21.. just another thing better about being an Aussie

104- well you shouldn't call 40 a moron because the reason our government decided to make 21 the legal drinking age is because the ADA or one of those groups for The Department of Agriculture (which is a cabinet of the US government if u didn't know) did tests and discovered that your brain isn't fully developed until ur 21 so drinking before ur 18 would disrupt the developement of ur brain....

and way to many people in the states smoke weed, probably because of the way-too-high drinking age.

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Thats what i would like to know

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mmm adult slushies. lol a kiddies' fav. drink

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it was on purpouse .... OOOPPSSSS

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I think the kids enjoyed they drank this lol I know I would have

Margarita? No. Tequila? Hell no! This is that Carlos Santana champagne. Oh shit Santana DVX? That's my joint!

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Haha one time when I was a kid, some waitress mixed some in with my orange juice accidentally.

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20 has been brainwashed by the anti drunk driving propaganda. One margarita is not going to hurt a kid. He will sober up and be fine. He will only have brain damage if he overdosed. Happens all the time... Not that I condone giving kids alcohol. They aren't mature enough to handle it generally. But this accident is harmless.

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i drank underage quite a bit and it didnt do anything to me... plus theres different legal ages all over the world, some countries have a legal age of 14

Congrats to you and to the couple other hundreds/thousands that modded this fml too....Lol jk no hard feelings :p

It's okay, I suppose I'm just really bored :(

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why does it take so many people to mod fmls for them to get posted? lol

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Alan, since you are so kindly answering questions. I was curious, why do some of the FML stories get deleted?

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Ari: because they are proved to be fake, or unreal so the mods delete them. Or so I have seen on this app, I could be wrong?

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That makes sense. There was an FML up about a cop catching a girl and her boyfriend giving head. It was up for awhile, my guess would be at least a few weeks and it suddenly vanished. So, I was just curious.

Not to intrude on a mod's territory or anything :D, but I think I read that they'll sometimes delete them if it turns out to be a duplicate of an earlier FML too. I know they catch most of those before posting, but I've seen one or two make it through with altered wording. I'm not talking about similar FMLs, since similar situations can happen to two people independantly, but obviously copied ones.

This reminds me of that Family Guy episode where Peter has a lemenade stand and his secret ingrediant is vodka.

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lmaoo I thought the saame thing

@ #79: I was thinking about the same thing...

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For some reason this reminds me of the movie "Van Wilder." I picture little kids throwing up out of a school bus lol.

Actually the easiest way is to give them some of that good night juice..aka "Benadryl" lol (not sure if I spelled that right)

Sure did. My mom's favorite was Dimetapp, but they don't sell it anymore.

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