By Colbasaur - 24/06/2010 14:29 - United States

Today, I won an academic award during an assembly. Everyone laughed, followed by booing. FML
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So at least you won your reward!

They're just jealous that your such a genius.


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So at least you won your reward!

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Americans hate kids who study hard

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they are just jealous OP, now let's start the beheadings!

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... really 26?! because I got straight Ds and all th smart straight A students (basicly everyone) all made fun of ME! STOP GENERALIZING AND BEING A ASSHOLE!!

YDI for still being in school... it's summer you freak.

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you know summer dosnt start at the same time every where in the world right? most likely you didn't. ANYWAYS sorry op major suckage!

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37 - studying dosent hurt, your just not fit for it, or need extra help 41 - stay in the back of the class room, and keep thinking about killing your self shady boy, lol!

you can laugh at them when in ten years you're making over 100 grand a year

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Just because you don't fit the stereotype people are making fun of doesn't mean you can't or shouldn't be annoyed about it. I have german friends who get annoyed when people make antisemitic jokes, and white friends who get annoyed when people make antiblack jokes, etc. There's nothing wrong with standing up for people who may not be like you.

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There's a fine line that separates stereotyping and racism. Only the people who know where that line is are entitled to joke about stereotypes. Otherwise, it's a dangerous thing.

It's because noone likes nerds you cry baby

hey if your In hs **** those haters. you'll get into a good college and those losers won't

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42 - there are some schools that are year round. I know there is at least 1 in my area where that is the case

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relax, they were booing for you.

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That's sad :( And embarrassing.

@25 or maybe he is the hated kid in school because, for example, his looks or whatever. Kids can be mean now days.

yes 48 that is true but it the 24th of June in the states some start everywhere 3 days ago so go stfu

Well if you told us what award you got we'd understand it better Cuz I mean if it's like student of the year, I don't see why they'd do that but if it's like Nicest person to the lunch ladies I can understand

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people only hate on u cus they wnt something they dnt got. Joel osteen

it's funny because you're getting pissy about Americans getting generalized but I bet you laugh at English stereotypes and probably only annoyed because it's true about yourself.

OP, congrats on your award! *clapping* Yay for all nerds, they're hot!

ignore them if it was because you have high academic skills, keep up the work and it will really pay off in the end when you're earning $500K+ a year and they're on minimum wage

I agree with #29. intelligence is shunned in the US.

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chances are it was an award assembly, probably the last assembly of the year so that will gave broken up by now. anyways I don't break up for like 4 weeks.

For all the people saying the OP is probably an ass, it seems like nowadays everyone like those people. Maybe he's the person who sticks up for the fat kids and talks to the janitor. Kids are mean..

#174, kids aren't mean, they are just plain stupid jackasses sent to this planet to make the life miserable for normal persons. I hate kids so much it keeps me up at night. Seriously, stop breeding and let us be extinguished, this life isn't worth living anyway.

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your still in school?!?! holy shit...

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well, **** them. maybe OP has been classified as a "dork" but while your paying the morgage off on your new home 10 years from now and they are still living with momma you'll be the one laughing. I was far from a scholar but my high school was pretty good about treating everyone the same. we were 5a so a big school

no, just the fact he got boo is just enough for him to say fml

There's an old saying that Bill Gates always uses: "Don't bother nerds, for they will be your bosses in the future" or may be more successful than you:

25, I'm pretty sure your the asshole. It's not his fault that his school is full of jealous douche bags!

127- Well every HS in the US is exactly like yours, so you can definitely generalize like that. The harsh truth is there's always gonna be those kids that are crapped on for whatever reason, and although intelligence is valued in the US (despite popular belief), there are places like HS where intelligence can be a blessing or a curse. I've had an experience similar to this, and it wasn't cuz I was a a**hole or annoying (in fact the most popular kids admit they're annoying a**holes at times), it was just cuz I was smart and they weren't. OP, when you step into Starbucks wearing your $500 Michael Kors suit and you happen to notice the clerk is one of the failures that laughed and booed at you that day, you can stare them in the face and say, "Wow, it really sucks when karma kicks you in the nuts, doesn't it?"

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be my friend! I'm new n idk how to add ppl, can someone tell me??

143- wht the **** has being english got to do with anything they could be from any country

beheadings...? that's the easy way out. put the assholes and idiots into stocks naked, next to fire ant holes and pour honey on their genitals...the pricks.

even given all those facts, lets say OP did ONE thing that decided to put him in history as "hateable". Any of us who went to high school know how that is. Kids are unforgivable, and if you're not part of a clique or even the in-crowd, it's worse. You got no one backing you up. Because they're all hypocrites and they know it, but if you're low man on the totem pole, you're fair-game.

Props to #51 I agree, but from a Canadian perspective. Things people say are either true, false, funny, or making themselves look stupid. People take shots at Canadians on here as well. Most of the Canadian stereotypes, we came up with ourselves. Why people get up and arms over things said on here is pretty lame.

exactly, you just have to learn to laugh with them

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I was there hahahahah that's cuz u smell like sheitttt, && ur a total azzh0|33333!!!

#147, Lol seriously @ your spelling. If you were really one of the students there then I'd say that the comments here saying that those people who ridiculed the OP are dumbasses and will probably end up with lousy futures are true. I truly feel sorry for you :( .

Wow....people who type like you need to be put to sleep.

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Haha ouch. On the positive side, depending on what level of schooling you're at, that award will be meaningless in the near future, along with those school mates. Okay not really a positive, point: who cares what they think!

completely true. I won so many awards in high school but one cares in the real world

highschool is a joke! and so is college, I swear most of the coarses are just there for your money... gotta go to school to be a firefighter? WTF

53- oh shoot I thought all I needed to do was put "I've watched back draft" on my resume and get hired... I've taken police foundations at college, honestly everyone in my graduating class and those who graduated the year before would say it completely useless. to become a firefighter don't spend 8000 on the coarse, volunteer for 3-5 years and you will get hired.

lol its so funny when people think they are first and they appear 2nd lol

lol its so funny when people think they are first and then they appear 2nd lol

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please do the world a favor then: do NOT reproduce, or we'll just have more stupid people like u

lol wow 14 that comment made you look like a really nice person

Yeah, stupidity is one of the symptoms of the STD you got from riding your dad's d*ck every night, right? *busts out laughing* nah jk jk...but seriously, you're retarded.

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That sounds like something that happened in my school a couple of weeks ago.

They're just jealous that your such a genius.