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Today, I pretended to drunk text some friends. When in all reality I was sitting home all alone. I don't know what's worse: that I pretended that I was social and drunk, or that the friend I said I was with was actually with them. FML
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What happens when the timer goes down

3 - it's the amount of time you have to edit your post

Just say you were REALLY drunk, or come clean. Maybe if you tell them the truth, they might hang out with you. Never hurts to try.

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Drinking doesn't make you cool. Now textin everybody saying your with some hot ass girl. now that's cool! use your head!

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just pretend you were too drunk to realize who you were hanging out with

It's the oldest trick in the book to know who the person is with. Idiot, YDI!

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Why do you have to be, or pretend to be drunk, to impress your friends? I guess you should keep them as friends so that you'll all have an AA buddy in ten years.

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You must be the awkward guy/girl of the group! so nobody wants to party with you!

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I'm usually the awkward one in the group but that doesn't stop my friends from asking if I want to join every once in a while ^.^

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Smooth man really smooth. Note: the is sarcasm in the tone of my voice

Ooooh, that's what it was! I really couldn't figure that out on my own, thanks!

I couldn't hear it over the troglodytic lack of any structuring comma. Or whatever a nerd says after pulling an all-nighter.

@5 and every other ****** that does this. "Your comment was funny (sarcasm)." I THINK WE KNOW! THERE WAS NOTHING smooth about this situation so I'm pretty sure we could tell. What does that mean? THAT WE ******* KNOW ITS SARCASM. You know it would have been slightly funnier if you didn't point OUT the sarcasm. It would take a complete idiot to not figure that shit out. Now I Great, now i lost my shit.

You gotta get outta the house & socialize :) Loosen up.

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Ya it was real awkward when you said you were with me . There was absolutely No way I could have saved your ass buddy. Fyl.

This is not funny people do this too much

Why would you give specifics, especially of names the people you're texting know. You must not think things through.

Ydi. I see no point in faking a drunk text to someone. I dont think that changes their perspective on your social life, other than maybe thinking you're a drunk loser. Unless you gave them a reason to think otherwise, I'm sure they already assumed you had a life to some extent. Again, ydi. Naming names of people who were "with you" was even worse.