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What, can NOBODY spell "migraine" correctly, including the OP?? I'm beginning to wonder what language this website is in, since obviously nobody knows how to speak or spell in English. I know, I know... but I just had to say it before the nazi's get carried away :)


I'm surprised (in a good way) that nobody has said "YDI for taking medicine instead of eating [insert plant name here]". Here's a preemptive "fuck you, hippies" to anyone thinking of saying that without knowing the full extent if OP's problem.

Why are you taking a prescription migraine medication that's making you dizzy and nauseous? If you need to take more pills to cope with the side-effects of the first medication, it's obviously time to see your doctor for a different prescription.

nauseous Causing nausea; sickening nauseated To be feeling, or having been caused to feel nausea. So, next time you are tempted to say "I feel nauseous", understand that you are saying "I feel that I make other people sick", or basically "I feel nauseating".

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