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Today, I took a nap in my car right after finishing up at work. I was woken up by a hobo sitting in the passenger seat, watching me sleep. Apparently, he'd managed to unlock the door with a wire hanger. FML
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#41, yes, but I only know the shenanigans hobos play on male victims, and, yes, I'm still bitter that FML didn't publish that one.

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RenoTheRhino 30

Politely give him a parcel of food and ask him to leave. Then make sure there isn't anything funky in your car..


RenoTheRhino 30

Politely give him a parcel of food and ask him to leave. Then make sure there isn't anything funky in your car..

oj101 33

I wonder though (am a non-US resident, so I may not completely understand) couldn't the homeless man collect food stamps and welfare that he is entitled to, sign up for public housing/ rent assistance and sign up for a no-skills job such as being a walmart cashier?

They CAN do most of that, but most do not. They should definitely try to acquire a job instead of panhandling every corner.

Most homeless people have some sort of mental illness that prevents them from functioning in society.

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#24 nothing like a sweeping statement to get you going in the morning!

Yep, a sweeping statement that doesn't embody everyone.

The issue, #19, is that there are tons of jobless people WITH access to a car and a shower. Why would a Wal-Mart manager hire someone with neither of those when they have so many others to choose from? Our new local Wal-Marts got over 20,000 applications for 600 jobs. What chance do you think the guy whose resume has no address or phone number has?

at #19. It is not as simple as that. You have to apply for all of what you suggested these people do. And that takes quite a while to come through. Also probably less then 50% of these are accepted. And being a cashier does not take skills you're a dumb ass for even saying that. Very insulting as well. I am pretty sure that if you were put behind a register when it is super busy you wouldn't be able to handle it. You're an ass for even making such an stupid ass comment. I can see clearly that you are not from this country

oj101 33

#37 - Actually, I'm a cashier - and work 10 hours a week as a means of having some spending money for leisure time. It's not particularly stressful or skilled at all, and if I don't have a particularly busy week (ie: no outings, studying or extracurriculars), I often ask for more shifts and can usually get them.

ya you work 10hrs a week. big deal. most cashiers I know and when I was one worked a **** of a lot more hours then that. or even more then 10hrs in a day, not a week.

The sweeping generalization about MOST homeless people in this thread is tragic. MOST homeless people are in their current state due to loss. MOST aren't mentally ill. And MOST of them have lost their jobs, homes and/or families due to finances. Many have applied for help from social services and been denied. The statements on here show how clearly ignorant many of you are about real life. The majority of the "homeless" aren't panhandling because they want to, they do it because it's their last resort. Jobs aren't exactly widely available in many areas and to hold a job, one needs a permanent address, usually. Society is broken. And with attitudes like the ones I'm seeing on here, I doubt it'll be fixed any time soon.

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Maybe he could get a job as a locksmith.....

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#44 just said he's not from here cut him some slack and be less of a bitch about it #49

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Bought a homeless man a burrito once. He have me the dirtiest look and wouldn't take it. Thought that was kinda weird (I'd be all over that shit) so I followed him...right to his nice house with a Lexus in the driveway... Dudes apparently pulling in a grand a day sitting out there too. True story...

#37, Cashiering is NOT skilled labor. You can train any mentally competent person to do it in two weeks, and that's just going by typical training periods for new employees. Often a person can get the hang of a it much quicker than that. Any job that requires a certification takes at least 6 months of training, but that's the minimum. Often a skilled labor job takes years of training. I used to be a cashier myself, and know personally what it's like, and I'm not saying cashiers don't work hard and long hours, because often they do, but don't call cashiering something it's not or pretend that it takes some kind of special person to do your job, because it doesn't.

I would like to correct the terminology used in this FML thread. A hobo is someone who wanders from place to place without a permanent home or a means of livelihood. A homeless person is someone who does not have a home. There is a difference people!

it depends on where you live. in los Angeles a lot of the homeless are mentally ill because the hospitals put them there since they obviously don't have health care. As far as getting a job as a cashier, I don't see a homeless person being allowed to handle money. I'm sure fear of theft keeps a lot of them from being hired. And where I'm from, most homeless are horrible drug addicts, can't get proper help if you refuse to clean up. All that being said, I did end up homeless due to loss and unfortunate circumstances and I easily got a job at McDonald's. ...but I also had a driver's licence, which seemed to be their only requirement.

Ok, 67, you gave money to A homeless person who used it for liquor. Again, it's not MOST, it's a single person. To say that most people fall into a single category is insulting, especially when the basis is a single experience. There are alcoholics who are homeless, just like there are those who play the system, and those who panhandle because of the amount of money the are able to make. However, the people are not the majority and should not be used to represent all homeless people.

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It's actually really hard to do when your homeless because you need an address, but also many don't bother because they just won't get it anyway.

hey douche bag #98. care to explain to me right now why I am an idiot? is it because my comment actually has a thought in mind in stead of one line that is clearly irrelevant to what happened to OP? so I would have to say that you and your childish picture is an idiot. have a nice day you ******* douche bag.

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#51, although I agree with what you're saying- I do think the mental illness part is a huge contributor to the numbers of homeless, depending on the area. For instance, in my city there is an alarming number of homeless, but that is because the mental facility shut down, and many of the patients didn't have family willing/capable to take them in. When a new one opened in another city, the number dropped dramatically as the majority moved there for help. When that shut down, they went back to the streets.

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In the us they can apply but the problem is they don't bother to apply for any assistance

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I call bullshit #51 it go to lb and there is somebody panhandling in front of every store and on more than once they will even go inside the stir and ask for money and it's nota tht hard to apply for aid if you do town a car or house which obviously homeless ppl don't have are eligible or temp housing food stamps and anything else it just take hard work to get it

In my area most of the homeless are veterans with missing limbs.. But you can definitely tell the difference between someone who needs help and doesn't. If I happen to be driving by, I'll give you my change, shake your hand and tell you to keep strong brother!

I worked for the past year fundraising for rescue missions (homeless shelter and drug recovery), food banks, and other non-profits that help the needy all over the United States. When we would get trained to fundraise for each mission, we would get info on their history, programs, and stats. Mental illness is actually a SMALL part of the homeless population's problem. Women with children is the homeless population that keeps growing exponentially. Some flee domestic violence and have nowhere to go, some lose homes to fires, some are widowed and cant support their kids without their husband's income. But the biggest point I want to make is that most homeless people DO NOT WANT TO BE HOMELESS. They starve rather than stand in line asking for handouts at a food bank or soup kitchen. The ones who do seek help are looked down on so much and made to feel shame. Our society is disgusting when it comes to treatment of the less fortunate.

when you sign up for a job they need you a dress or at least a way to contact you. How does a homeless man get that? I talked to a homeless man a couple blocks down from me about it and it was really sad.

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Get over it, Nancy and man up! This is the real world; no time for being scared, only time for reacting and enjoying the ride! Shape up, soldier, or you'll be the shit hitting the fan!

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That is so freaking scary, wtf is wrong with that hobo?!

If you are homeless wouldn't you take an opportunity?

I'm sure there are a lot of things wrong with the homeless man.. Maybe, being homeless?

And he could've lost his job, house, etc. A loved one could've died. So yeah there's a lot of things wrong with him. Just give him a going away gift. As in food, water, or a trip to Y.M.C.A.

@13 Just because this person is homeless and has done something very strange and freaky does not mean that every homeless person in unstable or a drug user or a criminal. Things happen in life. You do not know the reasons why people are put into these situations. I know a few of the homeless that live in my town (from a former job) and they are all some of the most intelligent people I know and have just been put in a shitty situation. So why don't you think before you comment or better yet why don't you go out and work at a homeless shelter and find out why they are homeless!!!

Even though I agree with you, #34, #13 was saying that the only thing wrong with the homeless man is the fact that he's homeless.

Whoa calm your *******. I can understand how you took my comment but I only meant that being homeless was their problem, the same as not having any food would be a problem. I never meant that they were had mental or drug issues

You get one life.. You've got to get the most out of it. Now you know what this feels like!

WTF does this have anything to do with this FML?! Please explain......

I shall be #4's spokesman: "See, what had happened was, my client drank heavily last night until early morning. My client continued drinking until he passed out. Right before he passed out, he commented on this FML."

@36..... lololol thank you for clearing this up. kind of made my day so far even though its only 8:15a.m.

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You are lucky, this scenario could have been much worse.

Couldn't you of just waited to get home to take a nap?

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A lot of people fall asleep at the wheel and cause crashes. If OP was really tired, taking a nap after was probably the best thing to do.

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Its possible OP was coming off a particularly difficult shift, or had a long drive home. When I worked 12 hour shifts it wasn't unusual for me to take a quick nap before the hour long commute home. It's scary to drive when you can't keep your eyes open, not to mention dangerous.

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Just adding on to what these guys said: Keeping yourself awake with the window open, really cold air, or the radio doesn't work. For a few minutes it will, but you become desensitized to whatever sensation you're trying to keep yourself awake with and you end up becoming tired again. It's always better to take a nap than to be so tired that your judgement is impaired and/or you can't keep your eyes open, therefore possibly causing a wreck.

For a minute there i thought you were asking if the hobo could wait to get home for the nap. I'm glad that's not what you typed

@100, except while driving! I've pulled over many atime, can't keep my ******* eye holes open.

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they sang songs to the radio, ate some drive thru fries... bonded... now they are considering a time share in Aruba.

I can sympathize with the situation with the exception of him starting at you. he wasn't doing anything else was he, such as jerkin it. as long as you weren't robbed our molested it wasn't that bad, def an funny story for a party or bar!

I don't know about you, but I'd feel pretty damned violated if someone broke into my car to watch me sleep. It's no different than having someone break into your house. That's some freaky Edward Cullen shit happening in here.

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I'm sorry, but the homeless dude was totally wrong for breaking into her car. If that had happened to me, I would have felt threatened and would fought him out of my car at all cost.