Don't flush them

By failallday - 07/08/2014 09:09 - Australia - Brisbane

Today, one of my customer's pipes were blocked. As I went to unblock it, about a handful of used condoms collided with my face. I don't know if I should be disgusted by this or disgusted by my customer. FML
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CliffyB03 28

I think I would be more disgusted with the used condoms hitting my face, but that's just me

Both. Sorry OP!


Both. Sorry OP!

It's just like the debate between whether to put this in work or intimacy

Well that must have fucking sucked.

Well that must have fucking sucked.

I wouldn't be disgusted at the fact their customer had sex, but more annoyed that they decided to flush them..

It must've been a shitty situation too

I agree with #1 that's just gross. Why would the customer flush them in the first place is my question.

orbit 22

So this is why plumbers bills are so high

incoherentrmblr 21

Indeed both.

Why not both? *Mariachi band starts playing

incoherentrmblr 21

Was your client Glen Quagmire?...

orbit 22

No, he is not worried about safety

Plot twist: OP is not a plumber, but a proctologist

CliffyB03 28

I think I would be more disgusted with the used condoms hitting my face, but that's just me

badluckalex 23

plus whatever buildup that got stuck in there while it was plugged...

Pretty sure that's the only correct answer here.

Most definitely by both but personally I would be even more disgusted by the customers totally lack of respect

meli1195 31

So it's disrespectful to use protection in the bedroom in your own house? Wasn't aware of that..

No, but it certainly isn't right to flush them down the toilet.

But disresctful? Big leap IMO

Maybe the pipes were doing it.

Adds a whole new meaning to the pipes banging all night...

Be disgusted at what happened and think the customer is a moron for flushing condoms, but not disgusting.

the customer may have teenage children who are flushing the condoms to hide them from the parents. my older sister tried that.

Good point. OP, think that somebody in the household is a moron for flushing condoms down the toilet.

Seriously, they should just show people like this a little mercy by printing a warning label on the box of condoms, like they do with tampons and sanitary napkins (because, apparently, there were idiots who were flushing tampons and cardboard applicators down the toilet, too): "Do not flush condoms or wrappers; discard by wrapping in paper towel/toilet paper and placing in trash can. Just remember: protect yourself, but don't forget to protect your plumbing! ...Idiot."

My dad's a plumber. I can guarantee you there are still idiots who flush tampons, applicators, and pads down the toilet regardless of common sense and the warnings on the boxes.

That is true. Why would they do that ? O.o People are weird

Flushing a tampon is one thing, it's small and I can see how some people may think it would fit, but a pad?! Those things are huge! How do they even get it down the pipes 58?

They don't fit down the pipes, hence the need for a plumber. My dad has pulled some pretty weird stuff out of pipes, drains, and garbage disposals.

cadillacgal79 32

Why not both? *Mexican music*

That's the same thing I was thinking. I've spent to much time on 9gag and other meme sites, lol

Why not Zoidberg?

cadillacgal79 32

54-Unless Zoidberg can use his claws to help OP, I fail to see how Zoidberg is any use in this situation.

zoidberg is hardly useful in any situation, that's why he's so great

tony1891 22

what kind of pipes are we talking about now?

toilet pipes. a lot of people, especially teens, will try to flush condoms. teens usually do it to hide them from their parents.

And this is why you don't flush them...

#31 did you hear something whiz by your head? :P

BlueFlatts 20

I feel so stupid because I was thinking throat pipes. I was thinking how the fuck did they do that, haha.

#61 You're not alone haha

I never flushed condoms down the toilet. Some teens are just really dumb. Haha. At least they're tryin to be safe xD

Are you sure? Could be tailpipes as well

I'm pretty sure both. sorry op even I can't laugh at your misfortune in that one

CallMeWindSock 24

Looks like another plumber already snaked their drain if you know what I mean