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By  kotaro66  |  10

Apparently it was not her dream proposal. You ruined it!

By  amileah13  |  26

I'm not sure what could have caused her to react that way, maybe it was your way of proposal? Anyway, hope things work out for you two and if she says yes later on congrats!

  ChopSuey444  |  20

That's why everyone is asking how long they've dated. Even if a man proposes in a Taco Bell with a plastic ring, a girl who REALLY loves him (even if it's not preferable) wouldn't slap him.
But if they've been together for like two weeks, and he proposes, MOST girls would probably storm out.

  ThatOneChick856  |  36

My immediate assumption was that op's girlfriend is super shallow and she's pissed that the ring wasn't the exact style she wanted. But I think that the "op is a creep who proposed way too soon" scenario is also plausible.


pft its the thought that counts. a man is offering to share his life and future with you. kind of a massive bitch if she turns him down because its not how she wants it. not really up to her how he asks actually lol my fiance asked me on the road i live on

  zarrganaut  |  17

I agree with you. My boyfriend could propose to me with a plastic ring in a fast food joint, and I'd say yes in a heart beat. I don't care how he does it or how expensive the ring is.

  Zeeennnaaa  |  11

Even if they weren't on the same page, she's a bitch for doing that. Girls are always complaining that guys don't want to commit but when a guy actually wants full commitment and to share his life with them they get all freaked out. Whether their relationship was short term or not, there's no need for that drama. She could've said "I'm not ready yet, let's wait for a while longer". He obviously had strong feelings for her and her reaction proves he doesn't deserve a bitch like that. I'd say he dodged a bullet.