By in big trouble - 23/08/2014 12:28 - Australia - Sydney

Today, I had an argument with my boss and tried to text a friend about it. I accidentally texted my boss instead. FML
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This is why you should check the name before you text anybody.

Lebeaugars95 20

I'm pretty sure this wouldn't be an Fml if OP said something nice


Lebeaugars95 20

I'm pretty sure this wouldn't be an Fml if OP said something nice

I understand OP! This happened to me too. I went to text my sister telling her how much I couldn't stand my step dad -who was sitting behind me- and I heard his phone go off and knew that shit had just gotten real. Awkward.

i still think the content of the message should be in this FML, even though it is obviously something bad

Could you imagine an argument being anything but bad in this context? imagine, "Hey just got into an argument with my boss..." "Oh yeah? how'd it go?" "FANTASTIC! I might even get a promotion after this!" SAID NO-ONE. EVER.

This is why you should check the name before you text anybody.

That's why I have "x" in front of my parents, and coaches, and other important people in my contacts.

Well I'm sure it'll be very awkward going into work tomorrow.

Always check who your texting before you send a message. Hopefully it wasn't anything too bad, Op.

Here is a different thought how about calling them. That way if the boss answers just say wrong number. Since they dont immediately know what you are going to say, unlike with texts, it prevents this issue.

I am pretty sure OPs boss was close by, and plus she was at work. Bosses don't tend to let you make phone calls while working.

You can make all the phone calls/ texts during your lunch.

Do you not check who you're texting before messaging someone, especially when you're talking about someone else?

MzZombicidal 36

This deserves a follow-up! I want to know what you said and what happened! FYL, though, OP. Hope you still have a job or maybe that you found a better one with a better boss.

You know how they say you shouldn't go to bed angry? I think the same applies to texting.

Very true, but sometimes you just need to vent to a friend. Once things have been vented you usually feel much better. However we all should probably check and double-check who it's going to though.

True. When angry we tend to act rashly, though. If you're really angry, you're less likely to think to make sure you're texting the right person.

well i was telling my friend about my crush and accidently i texted that girl.

That sounds like the opposite of a problem

that really has nothing to do with this...

OMG! I did the same. I was on convo with my niece as well as my boss. I wasn't feeling well and wanted to miss the employee meeting and my boss wasn't being understanding. My niece said it sounded like my boss was acting like a bitch. I responded with "yeah, she is acting like a bitch!" I hit send and it went to my boss. Now we laugh about it and remind each other about tone, but at that time I thought I'd be fired.