By Sue Ellen - 21/04/2014 15:43 - United States - Providence

Today, at my wedding, my husband stood up to give a speech. It started out beautiful, until he told everyone how he started to fall in love with me after I blew him on our first date. FML
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I think you blew this out of proportion.

Brelywi 15

Damn, you must give one helluva ********.


I think you blew this out of proportion.

he blew up the speech... but then again, OP blew him up first, so I guess it's payback time.


How the speech went, "once her tongue touched my penis, I knew she was the one."

should she be mad at him, or herself for blowing on the first date..? idk who has a larger lack of morals

kristabelli 19

I'd say that's grounds to cancel the damn wedding. I wouldn't even want to speak to him after that. (I'll bet he didn't get blown THAT night.)

flashback_fml 14

It sounds like she blew it just right

Sounds like 72 blew it way out of proportion..

You are blowing things out of proportion

Karenezzy 20

#72 you're freaking crazy and people who think like that are the reason 50% of married couples don't stay together any more... -_- he messed up so Fuck the wedding?

arandomusernameaa 20

Also aren't speeches usually after the ceremony... bit late to cancel by then...

kristabelli 19

I'm sorry, but he told EVERY PERSON OP KNOWS OR CARES ABOUT that she blew him on their first date. That's embarrassing private information and now likely the only thing a lot of them will be able to think about when they see her. Some people still think in terms of "she's a ****" especially older family members who were likely there. It's a big deal and I'm not sure I would want to marry someone who is so ******* insensitive.

kristabelli 19

Let me clarify - I don't think OP is a **** and I hate that word altogether. It shouldn't even exist. But I know a lot of people still erroneously think that way and there is no changing that.

That's still not an appropriate action to take. He was probably nervous out of his mind and had a bad idea to tell them their first date story.. If some one is so damn worried about what people think about them in front of people they prolly shouldn't be doing it with any one on the first date should they?

kristabelli 19

It's not about worrying what other people think. It's about OP's husband being an insensitive ass. And about him clearly not giving a shit about what OP's family thinks of her and not giving a shit about whether or not SHE cares what they think of her. (Not to mention being considerate of people's sensibilities. What about children at the wedding??)

Brelywi 15

Damn, you must give one helluva ********.

She'll certainly land quickly on her knees after the divorce. ; )

..mmm wedding speach ... Ohh she did blew me on our first date ... What a great ideA ... arrogant inconsiderate dumb asshole

Maybe he meant she blew him away? It's easy to forget a few words when you're nervous.

lexiieeex3 32

Here's to hoping 99, here's to hoping.

guyssite 4

FMLs like this never cease to amaze me. There is no possible way on this earth that the wedding is the first time in their entire relationship that he was completely socially inappropriate. That sort of behavior doesn't just come out of the blue. And if OP decided to get married to the guy anyway, then she can hardly complain now that he's being socially inappropriate. And if she didn't know him long or well enough to already know this about him, then it's safe to say that she deserved it as well for rushing into marriage before they really got to know each other.

Axel5238 29

I can't like your comment enough. Stuff like this has warning signs, either a sense of humor where the guys thinks he's funny(but really a dick) and uses humor as an excuse why you shouldn't get mad. It's a joke right? It's amazing how many people get into long term relationships and are surprised when stuff like this comes up and say well I had know way of knowing. Lot of times you had warning you just ignored the signs.