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  mcintosh123  |  15

Haha that's funny, last summer as I was driving right pass my old high School I read the sign that says "Have a graet summer" can't believe that is where I studied for the last four years.


In my secondary school days, my class leader misspelled the word secondary on our class t-shirt as secondry. We had to make another one to save ourselves the embarrassment. What a waste of 15 bucks.

  white16sox  |  19

41 don't be a stereotypical idiot. First of all ever hear the old saying, "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree,"? Also, don't make fun of people and their generations, when you misspell the word of.

  ricinator  |  11

of corse the counsil shud of course be mutch more smarter then that!

They are supposed to be the intelligent ones, and they should have spotted their mistake before having it printed... FML to you and the seniors OP, you guys are going to look stupid IF you wear them :)


If your comment was going to be about people from Texas being dumb, or something like that, you might want to use you're instead of your...otherwise..well...yea you've probably heard this like a billion times so I'll just stop now.

  MagicallyFat  |  12

He doesn't want to make fun of Texas. He meant he'd say something snide but he's saying everyone from Texas is either tough or carries a gun.

Example 1: Chuck fucking Norris