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  1dvos_grl3  |  21

There are more reasons than just being "lazy" for being homeless. Do you know how many people who are out on the street because of being "laid off" "divorce" Also so many war veterans are homeless now. You shouldn't judge someone without knowing their story.

  jazzy_123  |  20

lots of homeless are so ungrateful!!! yesterday at work, a homeless came in, gave me $5 and I charge for a burger. he said he didn't have money for fries and asked if we'd give him some. we are really nice at work and had a couple of extra patties on the grill so we ended up giving him a 3 patty burger and fry as well, the time comes where I have to clean the tables and this fckn asshole left fries all over his table, spilled soda that he had gotten in a WATER CUP and didn't even finish his dam fries. there was a trash can behind him!! God I was so pissed. last time we do something nice like that. he paid $5 and we gave him like $15 worth of food.