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Today, I found out that Yale had actually accepted me 17 years ago. My mother apparently burned my acceptance package and letters because she didn't want me to upstage her UChicago degree. FML
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OP here. To the people who said I deserved it, my psychotic mother actually had the balls to craft a ******* rejection letter and mail it to me. I was sixteen and had never seen an authentic denial letter from Yale---you guys would've believed it, too, had you been in my shoes. To the people who keep bringing up e-mail: it was 1996. As my generation will tell you, we grew up without the internet. To the people who agree that my mom's a bitch, damn straight she ******* is. My daughters and son will not be seeing much of mee-maw anymore, nor will I. To the people who said I wouldn't be who I am today without that lie: Doesn't matter; parents are supposed to nurture their children, not deprive them for personal gain.

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In some fields, University of Chicago is more prestigious than Yale. Maturity is not one of them.


Roskosity 22

I agree. How selfish can you be to put your pride ahead of your child's future?

Inciter 33

She sounds like a real ****. She cared more about herself than her child's future.

kyu_Q 19

This is the most F#%ked up FML EVER. DAMN.......DAMN.... Lost for words.

#38 The word **** does not suffice. OPs mother is a cockgobbling overgrown cumshot ,who should die a horrible painful death.

I thought parents are supposed to want better for their kids, not worse. I concur with 1.

Sometimes life is a bitch. Apparently OP's mom is too.

ZeeBest86 6

Calm down. We get that she's a **** but relax.

Wow, nice description of a ****, 72. I love how you only described sex words. I can do it without them. *ahem* She is an ignorant selfish, stuck up brat who wouldn't get the concept of raising a child if it came out her arse. Wow. I'm a gentlemen.

plagiarismo 16

She took a huge part of her kid's future and messed with it because of her own selfish reasons. I think losing your shit is the appropriate response.

I can't even write down what I'd do to my mom if she tried that shit on me, because it'd be illegal.

Derpaderp better not give my child the best future possible cause I should always be king of the hill cause the world revolves around me.

Wow, that is pretty ******* horrible :(

Damian95 16

Sometimes moms are great. Sometimes they need to be falcon punched :/

And sometimes they need to get a highfive in the face with a chair.

Agreed! What a terrible thing to do! I'm sorry for your missed opportunities OP, a mother should always want the best for their child.

Sir_ND_Pity 35

Wow, that is harsh. Usually parents want the best for their children. It's sad to hear that your mom didn't want that because her pride was more important to her. FYL, OP!

Jessj958 19

^Very true! My mom used to tell me she wanted me to have better than what she did. Now that I'm a mother, I feel the same way. I would be very proud of my kids, not jealous of what they accomplish because its better than what I did. OP's mom needs some parenting lessons!

I thought having your kid go to a top school added a sort of bragging right thus heightening pride.

kyu_Q 19

I will always try to have my kids do better than I did. If I don't I would feel like I failed at being a parent. She is a F^€king ****. Fml OP

perdix 29

In some fields, University of Chicago is more prestigious than Yale. Maturity is not one of them.

X_Codes 11

This was pretty shocking to me... until the OP said his mom went to UChicago.

Time to make reservations for your dear Mom at the worst retirement home you can find.

I would actually never talk to my mother again. ever. that's so unbelievably horrible.

I wouldn't even bother with a retirement home she should just live in a box somewhere.

Allow me to finish your comment for you: "THAT SUCKS! SORRY! FYL OP!"

GetPuckedUp 3

what a bitch!!! im sorry OP =(

Burn her pension, and see how she feels 17 years later. What a terrible thing to do to a child!

Burn her house down and tell her you didn't want her upstaging yours. Don't let her move in with you after.

kaimariebee 15

That's beyond horrible. Selfish bitch.

In some ways The University of Chicago is better than Yale... it has the third most profitable economics and finance degree in the country.

I am really not sure why this was posted here, I seriously meant to respond to another comment, sorry.