By Kathrynn - 07/03/2009 00:41 - United States

Today, I overheard my parents having sex. Trying to be the reasonable person I was, I dismissed it, realizing that sex is just normal. I quickly walked past their room when my cat ran past me into their room, cracking open the door. Now my parents think I was peeping and need therapy. FML
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If they were having sex, why wouldn't the door be fully shut?

The cat's a perv! Maybe HE needs the therapy!


wow, that just sucks lol. i have dogs, and they always seem to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. have fun with the therapist though.

my question is, how the hell did te cat open the door? if it wasn't closed all the way, the. I would understand, but why wouldn't u close the door all the way when having sex??

My cat can jump upon the doorknob and press it donw to trespasse my room.

If they were having sex, why wouldn't the door be fully shut?

one thing I learned from people on fml is that the is either never locked or shut properly.

i agreee.. i dont understand why people cant lock their doors? is it that difficult?

I agree with #2. They need therapy for leaving the door open and/or unlocked while having sex while their kids are in the house.

A LOT of the things posted here could be solved by simple 3 second explanations. It's kinda confusing why people apparently don't think of explaining themselves.

I feel like making a Dash Cat motivational poster.

She was probably to embarassed by anything she might have seen - or even just the idea that her parents said something to her like "CLOSE THAT DOOR!" to say anything. She probably ran and hid under her bed. Would you want to stand there and explain to your naked parents that you hadn't opened the door, even if you were explaining to them through the door. And just think of the mental imagery that would come later, even if you waited. Uggh, I think you need therapy just to get rid of the associations out of what they thought happened

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They didn't even shut the door all the way? Smart parenting *sarcasm*

Therapy for that? Overreaction much. Hope you don't have to pay huge $$$ for the counselling.