By confused - 09/04/2011 08:08 - United States

Today, I went on a date for the first time in eight months. He didn't make a move. I then asked if we were on a date. He said, "I don't know, I guess." I can't tell either. FML
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He thought you were until you asked, so he got embarrassed and pretended like he didn't know. Obviously

You think every guy is obliged to make a move on the first date? Sounds like you don't need a date. What you need is a one-night stand. Go to a bar instead. There will be plenty of guys ready to make a move.


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you shouldve said "well, since it might be, we should call it one ;)"

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He'd probably have been like 'that's the last straw - I'm leaving' in that case.

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if you weren't a total bore, he'd enjoy you more. do something spontaneous! kick a cat into the street or something on your walk home. it'll score man points and add some excitement.

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spontaneous lol lick ur boobs

how bout just act less boring... and I don't know or anything but it sounds like you are pretty awkward too.

Maybe he's just shy! You make the first move, and if he's not interested, get over it. (: If all dates were meant to be perfect relationships would be a hell of a lot easier. :D

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he might text u "lmao" then never speak to you again!! how would u feel then, hey huh huh what?!?!? yeah that's right be thankful his still talking to ya!!!

45-lol I remember that one

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Congrats 54, u have a memory span of at least one day.

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lmao @ 63

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Well, by the looks of his profile picture...I'm surprised he has a memory at all.

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1st!!! yeah! I guess you should know if you are on a date or not!

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Haha, FYL. Crappy dates suck.

he's probably gay and just wanted a fruit fly around. in which case the miniskirt he pointed at was probably not meant for you, OP

"Are we having sex?" "Uh, idk i guess. derp derp"

Well. Maybe you're not one of those "marriage" types. Try the other gender next time.

Probably something you should clarify with your partner beforehand.

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Well he's an idiot.

drop your pants

You should have done a backflip. He would be interested in you then.n. b. vhyx. v. cc. v. cv. v CBC c. k. v. v n. c. v. n.

Ignore the nonsense :/ my iPhone is irregular... 

I see the hidden message you threw in there at the end. And I'm here to say you're one sick pervert.

awwwwwwwww dude that's soo nasty! get out of here freak

fill me in... I don't get it

I don't get it

Really 64 and 68? You don't get it? It's so blatantly obvious!

seriously.... I don't get it... someone explain! pls!

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huhhhh? do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

I don't see it. maybe somebody can explain?

i see a gun i think

I think everyones just bs-ing. it doesn't mean anything. jibberish

way to go you figure it out

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I don't get it...

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i dunno it looks like twitchy faces to me but im just weird like that. lol i dont get what its "supposed" to be either

I don't even get it :/

I don't get it either an no one wants to explain... I think it's bs.

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LOL all of these people are idiots

So, enjoy each others company then. I don't see how this is really an FML.

ur mom is a real FML :D

ya it's a first date anyways

well then say you are ? biiig whoooop .

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nice pic