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Today, I introduced my dad, who is a surgeon, to the TV show 'House, M.D.' I thought it'd be a good bonding experience. How wrong I was. He spent the whole time yelling about the "insane" medical inaccuracies, then lectured me about my crappy taste in TV. FML
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******* "House". I can't watch that goddamned show. Doctors don't do their own pathology, give medicines, start IVs, take X-rays, do angiograms, or run the MRI. $@!% &*#%* £$!@ "#+*!


The show may be inaccurate, but at least it's somewhat funny.

Yeah I quite like the show. Though I made the same mistake watching it with a Dr.

I once watched a show with my dad, who's a neurosurgeon, that had a medical inaccuracy and he went off about how incorrect it was. It was hilarious, but he had a point because the writing team really needs to do their research, in my opinion!

I'm a nurse and did my own tv yelling in my time. But House is in a league of its own. I love that show.

Maybe you guys could bond over medical inaccuracies in tv?

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Should have taken it in as artistic licence. As a criminal justice student I know that cop shows are mostly bullshit, but they're still fun to watch.

******* "House". I can't watch that goddamned show. Doctors don't do their own pathology, give medicines, start IVs, take X-rays, do angiograms, or run the MRI. $@!% &*#%* £$!@ "#+*!

When I first heard of it I thought it was about a house. Was disappointed with the actual show.

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Funny thing #6 Doc (as revealed on his blog) actually does have kids. Not old enough to be on FML but they do exist.

51- it is about a House. Technically. Just sayin'

House is mildly entertaining but they kinda **** up a lot when I watched it with my pharmacist husband he kept shouting the way you actually pronounce the drug names. I stopped watching the show because of the silly soap opera drama and how repetitive it was, my husband shouting actually made it worth watching haha.

I do catch the drift you were implying, but theoretical physics is all based on theory, hence the comedic approach. not quite the same as house trying to reproduce actual medical procedures and diagnosis used by physicians.

Maybe let him have a say in the next tv show?

He'd probably pick some boring PBS show, haha.

The man is a surgeon, a highly educated and precise field of work with an adequate need for perfection, how does a pbs broadcasting joke fall into play?

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I cant blame your dad, im technically inclined and i facepalm every time i see hollywood attempt to act like they know how computers work

Well you could see how long it takes him to solve a case like one that House faces...if he can do it quickly then he'll be a supreme genius...

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Because im sure figuring out what illness someone has is JUST like it is on tv

Because a trained surgeon is the exact same thing as someone trained and skilled at diagnosing.

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a diagnostician isn't even a real thing

yes, because house MD is a true portray of real life incidents occurring in every single medical treatment center.

#91, so.. you are saying it's *not* lupus??

Better than him, as a surgeon, thinking everything is accurate.

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Watch Gravity Falls with him, I assure you the both of you will love it best American animation show out in the last decade probably.