By Anonymous - Canada
Today, I was getting ready for my first date with a boy I really like when my dad insisted on meeting him. My dad is super protective and a cop. He cleaned his gun in front of my date and made it clear he had to be careful with me. My date started to cry when we got to the car. FML
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  kppadgett  |  0

uh... this is Kentucky, not Canada. here I have the right to, A: pull out mine in self defense of his intimidation and call the police. or B: call the police abd leave.

things are different here. up in Canada you can't have handguns.... here you don't even register guns unless your in a commie state.

I noticed shit like this doesn't happen here because everyone either has a gun of their own, and knows how to use it, or their parents have a gun an know how to use it.

I guess the difference is that here we can have them and not run around killing eahother.... you think twice wheb everyone else in the crowd has one. (were hillbillies, not gangstas)

  Piranhagirl  |  9

@384 As a percentage England has about the same amount of gun related crimes as Detroit. But yeah our numbers are bigger because our population is so much bigger than most countries. Things have to be based on percentages or rates not numbers.

  MrsDruidess  |  23

no thats a good dad!! Thats his child, she needs to be protected until she moves out and maybe even then of she allows it. There is nothing us parents wouldnt do to protect pur children. Maybe if a few more father acted like this there would be less violence towards women, teen pregnancy and std's. Way to go OP'S dad!!!

By  only2006  |  1

If I was going on a date with someone and I went to the house to pick them up I would be a little pissed off if I was threatened with a gun. This is very movie theatre like. That does suck a lot though.

By  Corzi  |  0

Oh goodness, that's so adorably pitiful. The poor boy. And poor you for having to awkwardly apologize/comfort without embarrassing him to the point of pissing him off.

By  Glitchman_fml  |  0

Wow, that sucks. Just be sure to not judge your boyfriend too harshly, to be honest, I'd be pretty pissed/frightened that a dad would be so overprotective that he'd actually be willing to shoot someone.