By grem - 13/04/2009 23:27 - United States

Today, I met my boyfriend's family for the first time. I was playing with his little sister by grabbing her arms and spinning her around. On one turn, she started screaming in pain. It turns out I dislocated both her shoulders. FML
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prttyyngthng 0

That's one HELL of a first impression.

the shoulders are supposed to stay IN the sockets? oh, oh dear.


Jonesy_fml 0

Well, at least now you know how to play with little kids...

Are you some kind of ******* retard OP? You're supposed to be gentle with kids and use common ******* sense -.-

prttyyngthng 0

That's one HELL of a first impression.

OMFG ha ha ha. At least you know you've got your strength.

I did that to my cousin once. My uncle won't let me touch her now, and she hates me.

that would make a marvelous great impression. way to go!

God, my first impression when dealing with kids is to be really gentle with them.. Apparently, some people think they're freaking toys. My fiance's brother-in-law always plays with his 1-year-old by tossing him into the air and spinning him around.. It can get dangerous, they're not puppies.

shortymcsharon 0

you don't treat puppies that way either

blo0_starZz 0

yeah, 1st impression. ur kid is 1 yrs old? not exactly the 1st impression. if the kid lyks it, do it only if ur sure u wnt drop him ; its a lot of fun 4 them & they luv u more & faster ;)

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