By grem - United States
Today, I met my boyfriend's family for the first time. I was playing with his little sister by grabbing her arms and spinning her around. On one turn, she started screaming in pain. It turns out I dislocated both her shoulders. FML
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By  airandfingers  |  0

God, my first impression when dealing with kids is to be really gentle with them.. Apparently, some people think they're freaking toys. My fiance's brother-in-law always plays with his 1-year-old by tossing him into the air and spinning him around.. It can get dangerous, they're not puppies.

  blo0_starZz  |  0

yeah, 1st impression.
ur kid is 1 yrs old? not exactly the 1st impression.

if the kid lyks it, do it only if ur sure u wnt drop him ; its a lot of fun 4 them & they luv u more & faster ;)