By secret_source - 17/05/2012 05:05 - United States

Today, my first date consisted of him and me in the emergency room of the hospital after his little brother hit me in the face with a baseball bat. FML
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Could have been worse if he had decided to get creative with his iPhone.


Probally the same kid who pulled down his brother's pants saying "Geronimo!".

1- Maybe her boyfriend's little brother's name is Chris Brown?

zakkyzebra 11

No, 1, OP took it. To the face. Sorry for ACTUALLY replying to you, 1.

He went with her to the emergency room which is a great sign about him. In that aspect, I would say it went well.

the brother probably liked you.. ya know ;) kinkay

What a story for the grandchildren!

I agree, she may he been nailed in the face with a bat, but I would say the result was a best case scenario, the date stuck with her.

Not the homerun I was expecting, but FYL

38 - I totally agree with you. I mean, whenever I like someone and want to get "kinkay" with them I just hit them in the face with a baseball bat. It works all the time, after they get out of the ER first that is.

68- you have it all wrong. When you want to get "kinkay" with someone, you send your younger siblings in to do the damage. Then reap the rewards.

Could have been worse if he had decided to get creative with his iPhone.

I feel like getting creative with a bat would have been worse. Although perhaps a better shape than the iPhone.

gracevet88 0

I hope you guys realize the expression "id tap that with a baseball bat" isn't literal...

28 I've never heard that expression. Is that analogous to "I'd hit that… with my car"

iPhone's weren't designed for that use. Their sharp edges. Ouch.

Could've been worse, Could've been hit in the face with a nokia.

p3mguin 7

Don't worry OP, when I was 3 days home from the hospital(baby)my brother hit me in the head with a bat. My mom was so embarrassed to bring me back to the same hospital with blood on me. :D

MetalxSoldier 26

I wish I could grow a mustache like that. :(

reddudeover 2

3 - I love a lady with a wonderfully curriod mustache. 23. No offense, but that is dumb. What kind of reaction is that? An emergency is an emergency.

mhopper 13

If he hit her near her eye, it's definitely an emergency. He could have killed her if he hit her in the temple!

45- an emergency is an emergency -- that's why she was taken to the emergency room. Secondly, who doesn't feel embarrassed with an injured kid in the hospital...?

reddudeover 2

83 - Well just think about it this way, everyone else there is there either because 1. They they are REALLY sick and couldn't careless about how dumb your kid is. 2. Either they or their child is injured meaning they're just as humiliated/ retarded 3. They work there they see 100's if not thousands a people a week and won't remember you 30 seconds after you leave.

p3mguin 7

Shut the **** up, oh my gosh, my mom was embarrassed because I was a new born baby.3 DAY OLD ****** SPAWN.

#95 i can see why she was embarrassed to take you to the ER

reddudeover 2

Well all this explains a lot.

p3mguin 7

Yeah because her new born baby was bleeding. I don't see how nobody is getting this right now.

lol I got it. I'll take the downed thumbs with you.

If she WAS hit in the face with a Nokia, it would explode in her face and destroy half the continent. Personal experience. I own one.

citymayer 7

I generally feel that meeting the family on the first date is a bad idea. This is only one of the many reasons why I feel that way.

HairyPunisher 27

I agree that's way too much on a first date. And I'm not trying to stereotype dating but in most cases the guy picks up the girl which means that he probably either he brought his kid brother on the date with a bat, or he said "come by and meet my folks." Yeah. Too soon.

wlddog 14

That's quality bonding time right there.

XxHoPPoxX 8

It was love at first... Bat to the face

The little brother heard you were in the market for a nose job, perhaps?

reddudeover 2

I believe the sentiment behind this comment was he would break the nose for op, then op would get a nose job. I could be wrong. You shouldn't hold your breath though.

skyeyez9 24

I don't think a doctor will do a rhinoplasty over a broken nose. Just reset the bone.

At least he had the common curtesy to go with you! He sounds like a decent guy. Who knows, if neither of you just give up after this, it might become a thing you can laugh about later!

reddudeover 2

The awkward moment where your grammatical correction is still very much ungrammatical.

Okay, 49, that was just too rude. Go sit in the time-out corner.

BlackBlazeCobra 16

Hey you never know, that could've been the move to break the ice between you two...or the nose? Okay bad joke. But on the bright side, he stayed with you while you were in pain. That's a definite keeper :)

megansays 2

Blackblazecobra, this is off subject but that's a gorgeous chestnut you've got in your picture.