By Anonymous - 11/08/2009 12:17 - Australia

Today, I was alone with a work acquaintance at lunch. A noise came from his pocket; he whipped out his iPod Touch and said "Sorry, I have to take this," before walking away with the iPod to his ear. Not only did he not want to talk to me, he thought I was stupid enough to confuse an iPod with a phone. FML
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Also, the iPod Touch, when connected to a Wi-Fi signal, can act like a phone with programs like Skype.

Could of had the Skype app on an iPod Touch.


they have iphones you know it could have also been a phone

you can also make/receive calls from an iPod touch, via aim or other IM services :P

Either it's fake, or this person is so sad that they actually CHECK that an iphone is an iphone.

um, iphone=itouch with a phone function, i think you were just too retarded to notice this.

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yeah, that's what i was thinking. plus, ipod touch's have skype, aim, and texting apps you can use sounds like the OP is just so insecure she jumped to conclusions

I agree. I work for Best Buy, so I see both every day. The iPhone looks exactly like an iTouch unless you get a REALLY good look at it, which you wouldn't if you were just watching someone take it out of their pocket and put it to their ear. I think this was a misunderstanding/misperception on the part of the OP. I think your co-worker had an iPhone.

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THANK YOU! I was thinking the same thing and I don't even HAVE an iphone or an ipod touch.

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To be honest, I was thinking the same thing as I was reading this FML.

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And who cares anyway? He clearly doesn't know you very well and didn't feel like making small talk. He has every right to exit the situation.

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yeah really... i bet it was actually an iphone haha.

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Well, it's either a)iPhone and you didn't know it Or b) Skype or other app or c) Fake a Call app  (I have one of those lol)

For you dumbfucks info! 2nd gen ipod touch DOES have a built in SPEAKER. NOT A MICROPHONE! You need to have a external microphone for ipod touch! I have the newst ipod touch and I know this FOR A FACT! And you people saying otherwise should get yours straighten! And i think the op was dumb enought not to tell apart ipod touch and iphone. some people lack in braincells

so having the expertise of working at an electronics store, i must ask you, would anyone ever need BOTH and iPhone and an iTouch? I had a lady friend who was living with me for a while who had both and was constantly either texting or IMing on them. It was the most obnoxious thing ever.

Well, only people who have one or the other, or people who are iPod/Apple fanatics and study both intensively would know the difference from 10 feet away. FYL for being an Apple geek.

Hey, Mr. "I see both every day." iPod Touches have a mirror back, and iPhones have a black/aluminum back. It's very easy to tell them apart with a quick glance if they don't have a case on.

why does it have to be a she. i actually says it was a male, so stop being sexist

Play music without headphones? Have you no respect for others' personal space? I hope you're planning on playing tinny music at home in private, not annoying the hell out of people around you on public transport or in public places with your bad taste in music being played all distorted-like, because that's one thing that really gets to me these days.

wtf #77 REALLY?!!?! Look at the back and look in the top left corner! theres a grey cover on the ipod touch and a camera on the iphone. that's how I tell and I have neither!!! I know i can get a job in bestbuy now thanks :D

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Actually #201 isn't sexist, they are simply pointing out that some people assumed the OP was a woman when it was a man. I noticed this as well, and I think it is somewhat rude to assume the OP's a woman just because they couldn't tell the difference between electronics... I also think it is somewhat amusing since this whole thread is bashing someone who OBVIOUSLY couldn't tell the difference between iPod Touch and an iPhone when some people didn't even bother to look at the OBVIOUSLY stated fact that the OP was a man.

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yes, because everyone puts the phone to their ear when they receive a text message.

Basically you're saying that you know nothing about either product, just to say that you know everything to the dumb-ass customers who actually shop at Best Buy.

My best friend has an iPod touch and I have only seen the iPhone once, in passing. I really don't think it's very difficult to tell them apart. ( But I'm told I notice details)

Hahaha, whatamoron. ipod touch = iphone - phone. Looks almost the same. Not to mention it made a noise.....Even if it was an ipod touch maybe it was a wifi skype call. Insecure ppls are teh funney.

I highly doubt the guy would have whipped the iPod to his ear considering it requires a external microphone to talk...unless they have invented one that goes to the ear. but they do have phone apps, only they require wifi. Like I said before though, I doubt you would be whipping an iPod to your ear... 

where does it say it's a male? it say annonymous. besides a man wouldn't give a **** if he walked away nor get an iPhone and an iPod touch confused.

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new iPhone 4 doesn't look like an iPod

Are you sure it wasn't an iPhone? They look pretty similar.

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Well either that, or its fake.. If not it isn't a real FML, so he didn't want to talk to you? When I don't walk to people I'd rather not hurt their feelings by telling them that to their face, so I try to make it seem like I have to go... It isn't the end of the world...

But if it was an iPod Touch, where did the noise come from? Did he actually manage to play a song by manipulating the touchscreen in his pocket? It was an iPhone and the OP was too dumb to tell.

When I pull this stunt on people, I just pretend my leg is vibrating.

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OP= Original Poster And to the OP, have you ever heard of an iPhone..?

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Prolly has, but he's cool enough to say PHONE instead of IPHONE.

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The noise comes from the speakers. There is a timer on fake calling apps to ring when the timer goes off.

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Could of had the Skype app on an iPod Touch.

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Very true. But isn't Skype video call? Otherwise I haven't heard of Skype having voice phone call.

Skype does have audio call as well. or it could be the viber app

Also, the iPod Touch, when connected to a Wi-Fi signal, can act like a phone with programs like Skype.

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i dont' think she ever said he spoke THROUGH it though he put it up to his ear, so he could have been easily listening to something. and you CAN hear out of an ipod touch without headphones or blue tooth, i have one :/

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No you can speak through the Bluetooth if you have the software 3.0.

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You're right, I have the latest iPod & it works like a phone because of certain apps when there's wifi connection. I can call/receive calls & I can text/receive text messages. :]

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FYL because he's mean for walking away to answer a call when you are working with someone they should respect that

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you never know, maybe you are...... its easy to get them confused sometimes

Would've been funnier if he had one of these:

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#8, that is AWESOME!!! I'm getting it!

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gotta say i think it was an iphone >.