By violatedinden - 24/08/2009 00:57 - United States

Today, my next door neighbor told me that he liked the carpet in my bedroom. I live alone. He's never been in my bedroom. FML
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SinatraStyle 3

Call the police and get a got a stalker...and call Chris Hansen too!!

no1askdu 5

hopefully hes not refering you as a bedroom and the carpet as your ....well you know.


SinatraStyle 3

Call the police and get a got a stalker...and call Chris Hansen too!!

Not necessarily a stalker, but he can obviously see into your bedroom. Here is an idea! Close your blinds.

He isn't necessarily a stalker... He is her neighbour, after all. What's to say he wasn't walking past her house and glanced in through the window and saw the carpet? To be honest, that's probably more likely than the "ZOMGZORZ STALKORZ!!!!!!!!1111" explanation.

sexymessy 0

Either way its creepy. Hopefully he just saw it through the window but I'd keep my guard up!

HahaYDI 0

And THAT is one of the ways horror movies like start...

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@11: Well... why was he so close to her house (I assume it's a house) that he could see the floor through the window? I know there are places where the houses are quite close together, but not THAT close. And why would he look through the window in the first place? As OP said, he's never been to her house, so it's not like he was "checking to see if she was home" or anything.

Unless his bedroom is downstairs, right at the front of the house, then it wouldn't really be possible to see the carpet in the bedroom..

Or ... he's been in the house BEFORE SHE LIVED THERE, assuming of course that he's lived there longer than she has, and knew the previous neighbours. Or, he can see in the window. Maybe he was giving you a hint to CLOSE THE DAMN BLINDS. I like how 9 times out of 10 everyone assumes the guy is a creepy stalker rapist killer guy. No, not everyone is a psycho. She also possibly left out the rest of the conversation (if there were one) where the neighbour commented on how he liked the carpet in her bedroom and wanted the same in his house ... it just seems way too convenient for him to just say, "I like the carpet in your bedroom," and nothing else.

Hmm.. lol, but like I said, why was he so close he could see? Why was he looking? I suppose if the houses are really close, he might have caught a glimpse of her passing her window, naked, and that was the "carpet" he was referring to. And I doubt he'd say that if he has been in there before she moved there, since he doesn't necessarily know she used the same room for a bedroom, or that she didn't change the carpet.

Swedishlachick 0

next thing you know your going to get a phone call only to get deep breathing on the other line hahah i would get a restraining order or at least a new curtain hah

ashleeee 0

lol i was gonna say ghostbusters ! hey OP at least you got a friend now!

Don't take it seriously. He is trying to be friendly.

Sarcastic_x 6

Of course. Why on earth would something like that be creepy?

no1askdu 5

hopefully hes not refering you as a bedroom and the carpet as your ....well you know.

I feel a million times better knowing I'm not the only one who thought of this.

unless he just meant he liked the colour of the drapes. =D

Same here!! Maybe he likes the drapes and believes the carpet would match

sarinninja 0

How is having a nice carpet a FML? Kids in africa starving for nice carpets, and you're just ungrateful

I don't think you understood the message...

I don't think you understood the humour.

i dont think kinds in africa are starving for carpet, i think they want food. and its not funny to talk about it.

sublime93 0

Shut up and get a sense of humor. #13 made me laugh so ******* much

cosmiccharlie 0

I know when I see commercials of starving kids in Africa I just want to give them a nice persian rug.