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Today, I'm so broke, I asked my parents if they'd pay for me to go to the eye doctor and consider it my Christmas present. FML
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TweetAnne 13

Nothing like the gift of sight. Remember that there are always people worst off then you are. Hang in there OP.

Perfect vision would make a great gift! I hope they agreed.


TweetAnne 13

Nothing like the gift of sight. Remember that there are always people worst off then you are. Hang in there OP.

xSonic 9

Hope OP gets better, financially. Eye hope for the best pal.

perdix 29

#1, that's not true. Logically, there has to be one poor schmuck who is the worst off of everyone. Also, just because others have more serious problems than you, that doesn't help you in dealing with yours. If I am pissed off that my Ferrari doesn't have enough trunk space, the starving kids in Africa are not going to help me get my polo mallets in there!

#31 but there is obviously going to be someone in a worse position than having bad eyesight.

perdix 29

#32, that's bullshit. Your problems can be serious and urgent to you, regardless of what other people's problems are. Hey, I hired some African kids to run behind my Ferrari carrying my polo mallets and they are happy to be paid with after-dinner mints I stole from the country club. Win-win, they're no longer starving and I can enjoy my car. Yay!

Inheritance 10

This FML reminds me of that Christmas song 'All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth' except for OP his eyes.

Ya you are right always people worse off than me.

Emma Marshall 19
xSonic 9

Damn, that sucks. This is a real FML. Hopefully you end up fine op

Perfect vision would make a great gift! I hope they agreed.

That's why healthcare should be for free!

No it's not. You pay for it with your taxes. Also, where and how is your healthcare. Here in America, lot of places compete for my business. I have a choice. If I need a eye exam I can get one today. Can you do that there?

Ah the healthcare debate. Free slow and shitty healthcare, or expensive fast and quality healthcare? On the one hand, free health care doesn't do much good if it takes too long to get an appointment and doctors and surgeons are subpar. On the other hand speedy and excellent healthcare doesn't do much good either if it's too expensive for a lot of people to be able to pay for it.

I live in Denmark. Healthcare is payed over taxes and it works very well. Of course you have to wait sometimes, but it depends on how urgent your needs are. The standard is very high and you still have the opportunity to buy private healthcare, if you can afford it! And yes, it's often possible to get an apointment the same day your order it!

Yeah we can have same day eye test here ,

ah ah in terms of healthcare i guess it's US versus the rest of the "western" countrys...and your health system is not considered as efficient at all (the least efficient among la OECD states), and is the most expensive ...

38- I pay for my healthcare and I still can't even get an appointment the same day!

Well, your healthcare doesn't work then!

Every time i see an FML about how people are struggling to pay for healthcare it reminds me how good the NHS and free health care is i really hope things change for america soon to help those less well of.

Healthcare is awesome in Australia I can go to the ER for stomach pain stay 2 days food provided and not worry about paying anything.

CharresBarkrey 15

66 - I can do the same thing with my insurance here in America. In fact, I just did! AND I had emergency surgery, with no cost to me.

67 exactly your"insurance"here in Australia you can have private insurance as well but you don't need it and its still free.

You were in the hospital for TWO DAYS because of...STOMACH PAIN??? Please tell me that after two days they have a better idea of what's wrong with you than your "belly hurts." I was in the hospital for ten hours with stomach pain and I thought THAT sucked.

"Free slow and shitty healthcare"? I have no idea where you're from, but the free healthcare under "Medicare" in Australia is of the highest quality. You'll find that public hospitals have much higher and more advanced equipment than private.

"Ok, now, OP, look at the eye chart and tell me if you see the letters." " M-E-R-R-Y-C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S"

I feel you, I asked my parents for 3 meals a day for 2 days as my Christmas present.

I was actually considering doing the same thing, OP. My prescription is expired and my optometrist's office won't sell me more contacts until I have another eye exam, despite the fact my last four exams have shown no change. I've worn this "two week" pair for five months now, and I'm not eligible for vision insurance through my employer until another year. FBOL.

MsMourningStar 22

Costco!!! Or Walmart. You'll get what you need for super cheap.

If her last four exams showed no change, she can try getting them without an exam.

DancinL 14

If you know yor prescription I'm pretty sure you can go to 1800contacts

nicole8402 4

44, sadly they won't accept an expired prescription. Otherwise, 1-800-contacts is a great way to get them!

11- I suggest you do what I do and buy up months of contacts while you still have your prescription. It may be more cost up front but you can pay for exams less often.

Try I've gotten glasses off of it before and there's no catch. Amazing prices and all you have to do is imput your prescription information. Just get a copy from the receptionist. It's in your file, they can't deny you it.

That's not that bad I'd rather get the gift of sight than another knitted sweater for your already sizable collection collecting dust in the back right corner of your armoire....