By Anonymous / Saturday 18 June 2011 01:26 / Israel
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  Iamnotmyself  |  17

It's possible she could, if all she does is sit there watching T.V. she could be suffocating or starving, the poor thing may be watching what will happen to her in a matter of days ;( P.S. YDI

  TheMonica  |  0

Ahh, gotta love those people who don't realize there is a big world outside of their town, and -gasp- these other places have differences from their own little bubble.

  dyschordia  |  0

If you're talking about ENGLISH language skills, as opposed to U.S.ian language skills, you fail completely, lol. The correct English spelling is indeed "realised" =)

  dyschordia  |  0

Because I don't know how people in Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, etc spell the word. There is more to America than the U.S. you know... At least, I hope you know =)