By Anonymous - 18/06/2011 01:26 - Israel

Today, I'm sat at home alone on a Friday night, watching a documentary online about decomposing elephants. FML
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KingDingALing 9

Did a Hyena come along and eat out his b-hole?


Well OP, maybe you could go volunteer at a homeless shelter, donate some time to charities. Or continue being lazy like me :D

asoptavlo14 6

WTF do you watch in Israel!!??

asoptavlo14 6

WTF do you watch in Israel!!??

asoptavlo14 6

WTF do you watch in Israel!!??

eminemchick 19

not when they die and decompose:'(

CateXOX 0

2- Not if they're decomposing.

ooo what channel? o wait Israel. damn.

I thought that sounded like a good time!

iSitt 0

that was an awesome documentary! did you see the one about the exploding whale?

gmc_blossom 21

Maybe you should go to a zoo and see some live ones then.

KingDingALing 9

Did a Hyena come along and eat out his b-hole?

KingDingALing 9

He only pushed me out the way because you were hogging the penis.

18 - You can't blame him. The penis is the best part.

KingDingALing 9

"b-hole" sounds better than "butthole". Besides, why say the whole word when you can abbreviate?

10- Why did you change your picture ? :O I really did enjoy the smoking turtle.

Ahaha I just asked this same question. Best part.

the penis is only the best part because it's huge but it would've been fun

btown99909 0

those are my plans for next week!!

tsim_fml 0

dude. im parrying **** ur life

you're at a party, but are still reading and commenting FML's? No my good sir, fYl.

Because this week you worked on your British accent?

kudos on the previous fml reference, but I see your dp as more of win then a fail. who else is going to have a Beamer donkey?

tsim_fml 0

65- i said im PARRYING it means not doing anything... fail

CateXOX 0

Just be glad you're not decomposing like those elephants.

It's possible she could, if all she does is sit there watching T.V. she could be suffocating or starving, the poor thing may be watching what will happen to her in a matter of days ;( P.S. YDI

CateXOX 0

... At least she's not an elephant?

She might be a "room elephant", however. Level 6: OH HELL NAW!!

mygreenhoodie 0

reruns of the kardashians huh?

Pshh not even. More like the decomposing of whales ( which I am proud to say I have watched before ). We are commenting on their giant stupidity right?

This is like my favorite comment ever! God, I hate those beasts...

17. ever see the one about the whale that blew in taiwan? middle of a city street and the decomp gasses caused it to blow. it was great...

Darklord53 0

I thumbed you up for Epic Meal Time

ToriizaNinja 0

Looks like someone's getting familiar wit the old Snooki, huh??

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lmaoatall 6
randiZ25 0

can't go wrong there.. my favorite by far

Aw hell naw. You are so dumb, yo really dumb, fo' REAL. Werd.

Oh Sirin. Get it ggiiirrrrlllffrrriiieeenndd. Lemme hold your earrings giiirrrlll. He is probably gonna correct this too. 8)

Ahh, gotta love those people who don't realize there is a big world outside of their town, and -gasp- these other places have differences from their own little bubble.

KiddNYC1O 20

You're a sad-ass person, #16. Have you realized yet?

She could have been trying to help OP's English skills. OP is from Israel (OP's native language is probably Hebrew).

If you're talking about ENGLISH language skills, as opposed to U.S.ian language skills, you fail completely, lol. The correct English spelling is indeed "realised" =)

Yes, and both realized and realised are correct. It just depends on where you are from. In the U.S, we use the "z".

Yes, you do - which is why I differentiated between English and U.S.ian =)

122 - Why are you saying U.S.ian? Just say American. o.o

Because I don't know how people in Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, etc spell the word. There is more to America than the U.S. you know... At least, I hope you know =)