By gabby - 16/06/2012 20:36 - United States

Today, I'm driving cross-country with my parents. As if the stifling heat isn't bad enough, they keep stopping to admire, comment on, and practically do a photoshoot in every corn field we pass. FML
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"This is a once in a lifetime experience, children. Oh look ANOTHER corn field!"


Next time buy an iPod and a really good book. FYL OP.

When life gives you corn make corn on the cob

When life gives you corn, make apple sauce. That way, you confuse the **** outta life.

If life gives you lemons squeeze them in someone's eye and steal their wallet.

olpally 32

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade... And try to find someone whose life has given them vodka, and have a party! :D

Gotta love that great field of corn, corn and more corn:D

I guess OP's parents were a-maze-d by the corn fields...

DontModMeDammit 10

This is a corny string of comments... Thumb me down if you agree... Haha flawless!

These jokes never cease to amaize me...

When life gives you lemons...grab the salt and tequila and call it a day.

kittenvks 11

37 I don't think anyone got the reference. I did though and thumbed you up.

BunchieRules 31

OP, were you in Kansas? Outside of the few cities and many small towns, corn and hills are pretty much the only things you'll find out here, apart from the occasional windmill and grain silos. Then again, I guess that applies to any state in the Midwest...

the_anti_hipster 7

I bet you're giving them an earful--Unless there's not a kernel of truth in that.

Can't argue with a man who listens to Flogging Molly.

When life gives you corn enjoy because it's already on the cob.

"This is a once in a lifetime experience, children. Oh look ANOTHER corn field!"

Airman1988 9

They should move to Indiana, all it is is damn corn fields.

While OP is getting a chance to stop at every other corn field; They should make 'crop circles' in everyone of them. I'll turn on the fox news for 'bizarre UFO activity'... and snicker :-)

TarieBoo 2

21- oh no!:o im moving to Indiana!

Bonzer 2

Sounds like something Dory (however you spell that) would say. Except him being underwater and all.

If it was Dory she wouldn't say again, she'd think everytime was the first time (unless Nemo's Dad is around)

I am wondering where they are from that corn is fascinating to them. They should go to Alabama where I used to live and check out the kudzu if they love corn that much. Kudzu the plant that ate the deep south! Beware of the kudzu!

chlorinegreen 27

21- exactly what I was going to say. Welcome to Indiana.

Lmao I've been there. I am so, so sorry OP.

Photo shoot of corn? "Oh yeah, baby! Work those ears! Wait--somebody get rid of those damn crows!"

Byahhh 3

I could make a pun, but that'd be corny.

gracevet88 0

No cows in corn That's pastures

Crows not cows Only one letter but hundreds of pounds and feathers difference between them

Most parents do that. Especially mine.

My parents never took us on road trips. We would always fly.

yeah my parents would never stop at a corn field...

My parents wouldn't but alot of my family would, especially if there's bugs, birds, or moose. 6sand OPs drives take hours longer, my hikes take 3-4 times as long. I can share how painful it is to stand there for something like that, i feel bad for you, if its your parents you cant get out of going on the next one

crackz12 10

I mean corn fields are kinda similar looking where ever you go but if your parents plan is to drive cross country you should expect to take in the scenery or else it defeats the purpose of driving. It definitely is easier to enjoy the trip with a spouse rather than your parents though so fyl. Make the best of it and bond with your parents!! One day youll love the memory...unless your parents suck. (which it doesnt really sound like they do)

6- the sun does not burn. It is Hydrogen atoms combining with Hydrogen atoms to make Helium, and the energy from that is given off as light and heat. The funny part about the last bit of your photo: I'm Christian.

And in that heat you can make popcorn

Bonzer 2

There is no ending to your comment. May I suggest a period?

olpally 32

74- then fine him $20 for not using a period...

There is a ending, it's "...popcorn".

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Corn is sustenance. Sustenance is life. Life is beautiful. Therefore, corn is beautiful.

Bonzer 2
Hiimhaileypotter 52

You're just a fun sucker. :P

MartinAlex 1

It is, some people just make it crappy sometimes.

Bonzer 2

Life can be beautiful, but is not 100% beautiful.

You must be from Nebraska, Southern Iowa or northwest Missouri. I've got family up there that say the same thing.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

101) Me? I'm actually from Virginia :)

BunchieRules 31

101 - I'm from Kansas, and I can tell you first-hand how much corn there is here.

65- you should stop and smell the roses more often, then you would see how beautiful life really is.

Haha you must not live in Indiana, you get used to it

TarieBoo 2

im moving to indiana and im terrified of cornfields :o

Bonzer 2

45- I know, they're so scary! (sarcasm)

crackz12 10

I live in ny and theres a hell of alot of corn fields too

kittenvks 11

45- children of the corn? No? If you haven't seen it you should watch it! Then maybe you can get over your fear! If you have seen it... Ignore my devious-ness

quotechica 3

Haha i was gonna say welcome to indiana! Thats where im from. Lots of corn.

ArielTheMermaid 17

Hey I live in Indiana :) cornfields. Cornfields everywhere.

ArielTheMermaid 17

Hey I live in Indiana :) cornfields. Cornfields everywhere EDIT: wow. Not sure why FML posted twice. Sorry

Fans don't really work that well too cool you off. Plus that doesn't solve OPs corn and parents problem. On a side note I didn't even know cars didn't have air conditioning.

Well some older models don't. Or they just don't work.