By Stacy Dee - 20/07/2011 20:18 - United States

Today, my family is on the third day of driving cross country. My husband is still pretending he is driving on a NASCAR track, sound effects and all. FML
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-15 message me if you want to talk. otherwise shut up.

* tick tick tick tick tick left blinker on the whole trip

DKjazz 20

And slowly, highway madness sets in.

I'm surprised he hasn't gotten a speeding ticket yet.

hahah nope! nor head lights/ taillights, nor turnsignals, nor street legal tires, nor passenger seats, nor....ect ect ect..

VMMMMmmmmmm, VMMMMmmmmmm, VMMMMmmmmmm, VMMMMmmmmmm, VMMMMmmmmmm, VMMMMmmmmmm, VMMMMmmmmmm...(overtaken by everyone)

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Not every NASCAR fan is a redneck. What an annoying stereotype.

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you don't have to be a redneck to like NASCAR, but you have to like NASCAR to be a redneck

Dudelike89 8

We're gonna go fast and turn ta tha left!

I appreciate a good left turn. I even appreciate 600 of them...without any milk.

I wouldn't say redneck, but most NASCAR fans are just flat out white trash


white trash is too far I like NASCAR and I live in a house with a yard with cut grass I'm a little bit redneck but not white trash that's offensive.

hellbilly205 17

no you dont im pure redneck and i hate NASCAR

LoveLife293 2

let him have fun! it'll all end when a cop comes to give him a ticket. its all good

LolMoqz 10

WOAH! LOOK AT THAT LEFT TURN! WOAH, ANOTHER ONE! YET ANOTHER! and another left.. and another.. left.. **** this, I'm leaving. I didn't pay money to watch people taking left turns for 500 laps.

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Are you saying there is something wrong with that?

watching NASCAR us like watching skittles circling in a toilet bowl

So start pretending you're on a NASCAR track, lodge your foot underneath him, and pit maneuver him right out of the car.

cookie_3008 4

Well isnt there a bottle of Champaigne at the end of every race?? ^_^


no it's coke or beer champagne is for Europeans.

cookie_3008 4

I see.. =) oh well, too bad for her. ^_^


but beer is good so it ain't bad

MrLefty 8

No I'm pretty sure it's champagne. They also will do soda and Gatorade. The driver throws around soda or Gatorade, the crew sprays champagne on the driver.


it's whatever drink sponsors the driver

enonymous 8

Don't mix up the coke bottle for where he spits his skoal.... and don't you dare think of touching his limited edition Dale Jr autographed budweiser cooler.