By jamboooy - 18/03/2012 06:01 - United States - Monterey Park

Today, I locked myself out of the house. After hours of ringing the doorbell and calling my roommate, I decided to break the window. When I finally got in, my roommate was waiting with a can of pepper spray. FML
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My old friends brother.

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Look on the bright side, now you can guilt trip your room mate into doing stuff for you.


thejewishfuhrer 17

I would've used some pepper spray on him back. While he was sleeping..... In his bed....... At night..... When he wasn't awake....


**** yeah! A water pistol is gonna make him scream and sting his ******* face! What a good idea!

18- I'm pretty sure most people aren't awake when they're sleeping...

Did I forget to mention to put acid in the water pistol...?

OP's roommate needs to get an ear check-up. Nothing is worse than a deaf idiot with a can of excruciating chili flakes that **** up your eyes.

It's ok if he got any on his hands it will suck for his gf later on. Ask me how I know........

X_Codes 11

@38: I think there are just paranoia issues there, not so much hearing. I know people who freak out when someone calls them twice. Why? I have no freaking clue. Some people are just idiots.

Yea #57 his roommate is 5, because 5 year old kids just happen to carry around spray-able pain in a can.

LunaDragon 10

#46 How? I'm genuinely curious.

64- Wild guess here that 46 was messing around with some pepper spray, forgot to wash it off and later got physically intimate with his girlfriend. Insert fingers, cue screaming. :p Curiosity satisfied? ;)

... didn't need it written out, but thanks for the mental image!

She took every bottle of pepper spray out of the house and bought me a 9mm. I mean I was happy and all but she held a grudge till the end of the month.

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

87 it says he CALLED for hours. Smh..

Look on the bright side, now you can guilt trip your room mate into doing stuff for you.

Smart roomie. But, on the good side, he wasn't waiting with a shotgun.

Hopefully he didn't end up spraying!

Maddidaddi 0

That roommate is stupid because they wouldn't open the door for op after obvious tribulation, but they're already there with spray. That's stupid.

It's not stupid. It's vindictive and spiteful. OP says he spent hours ringing the doorbell and calling his roommate. If the roommate couldn't hear all that racket 'for hours' yet could hear him rustling to try to open a window, then break the glass out of frustration armed and ready with pepper spray, it's definitely sounds to be premeditated.

Maddidaddi 0

That's what I meant. Thought I was clear. I feel sorry for op because he endured his roommates stupidity. Op is not stupid.

Well at least you know they're prepared for a break in.

MatheusRajuidas 5

Be it a shotgun they'd be ready for the freakin' zombie apocalypse.

wlddog 14

If pepper spray is all you have, then you are not prepared.

Maybe it's their way of letting you know that they want you to move out?

Agreed, wouldn't a sane person, I don't know, check who's at the door? Hope no leper spray was actually dispensed'

*pepper. Oops, and it should have ended with a "!". Sorry guys, very sleepy. Zzz...

Tired of those pesky lepers all over the streets these days? Try all new Leprosy Repellent! Now in several pleasant fragrances.

Llama_Face89 33

A spray that causes leprosy? That seems like a pretty effective self defense tool. UNCLEAN!!!

Llama_Face89 33

At least your roommate is very well prepared. =D

Why didn't your room mate I dunno open the door... You got a genius right there..