By plzstop - 04/10/2016 11:03 - United States - West Lafayette

Today, I'm a college student. Just like every other goddamn day, my roommate set about twenty alarms a good two hours before she even needs to get up. She just sleeps through the first hour or so of alarms while I wake up. I've been waking up at 6 a.m., even though my first classes are at 9. FML.
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Have you thought about talking to your roommate? Maybe she'll understand if you ask her to set fewer alarms!

Take it up with your DM (Dorm Manager).


Have you thought about talking to your roommate? Maybe she'll understand if you ask her to set fewer alarms!

Talking HA. only savages talk. Nowadays we are all super passive aggressive assholes. (I'm being sarcastic, talk it out with your roommate op)

Take it up with your DM (Dorm Manager).

Dungeon Master? Roll for SHUT YOUR DAMN ALARMS OFF!!

I'm guessing your intimidation check was a nat 20? I immediately think "dungeon master" any time I see "DM" too!!

My boyfriend does that as well. It's super irritating. My tip is to go up and make sure your roommate won't go back to sleep. Repeat until it sinks through.

I've tried that, it doesn't work. Period.

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On the bright side, waking up early is really beneficial! You get so much more done.

I'm guessing you've never lived the life of a stressed out, exhausted college student.

Doubt OP would be eager to get work done while being tired from getting woken up early.

I remember being a college student with a full-time job. A lot of stress and sleepless nights getting things done. I still cherish my sleep, even those extra 5 minutes I can sometimes treat myself to. I would also still snap at anyone waking me up 2-3 hours earlier than I need to. Plain disrespectful.

I'm a high school students and i know just how much it sucks

you have no idea what college is like with stress and sleepless nights until you are actually in it.

Honestly, all you need is good time management. I'm an athlete (cross country), college student, and I have a job. I have never once stayed up past midnight. I get up around 6 for practice and usually get to bed around 9:30-11ish

:/.... High school was WAY more stressful than college, for me.

random idea that might work: get one of the "alarms" for the deaf. it's a small device that goes under your pillow and shakes at whatever time it is set for. She can use it as long as she wants without bothering you.

I have to set alarms every 15 minutes for 2 hours because I've tried, fewer alarms don't cut it

Get the alarm that shakes the pillow as well as one that makes a sound can't ignore both

As a person whose slept through some earthquakes and hurricanes, I can say shaking my pillow doesn't really help. I also do the many alarms thing for two hours, and I always get up after around 3 of them. The rest are to ensure I don't fall back asleep or keep me up if I need to do anything. If I'm completely up though, I'll turn the all off.

Me too... I have to have like 12 alarms every 5-10 minutes just to wake up every day at 4 am for work. I even keep my phone under my pillows, and every alarm is a different tone. I still sleep through them. It's a good thing I live alone.. I'm sure my bf would kill me if he lived with me lol

I think many people sleep through alarms because they are used to the same tone every morning and the brain starts to ignore it. I have an alarm that has my own voice yelling to get up. A human voice calling out for someone to wake up is much more effective than a continous alarm tone that you are used to.

Place your alarm across the room so you have to get up to turn it off. It blows my mind that people struggle with alarms this much.

If my alarm isn't right by my head, I won't hear it, no matter how loud it is. Setting it across the room would ensure that I would sleep through it lol

have two set for the same time. one nearby one across the room. one will wake you and the other one will bother you so you get up

I set a few alarms (usually around 3) about 5-10 minutes apart each around 20-30 minutes before I have to get up. This isn't because I won't hear it, but because I have trouble getting up and functioning after one alarm and being shocked out of a deep sleep. This way, it's kind of a gradual wake up, I wake up to the first alarm, check the time, realize I have a few a bit more to sleep (which is so precious and awesome) then I go back to sleep but it's a really light sleep and is easier to get up the next time or two around. My alarms also vibrate to the ring.

That just isn't true. Maybe if all you've ever tried is a phone alarm. But there are alarm clocks you will hear from five or ten feet away, I promise you.

I had a similar situation one year. My roommate woke up to "Come and Get Your Love" daily, which is the song Peter Quill dances to in the beginning of Guardians of the Galaxy. When I first saw the movie in theaters, I nearly had a panic attack, thinking I was waking up from a dream to his stupid alarm.

Is this a true story? I can never tell with your awesome comments

Unfortunately, it's true. It even made sense to me. "The dude who played Andy Dwyer on Parks and Recreation is now a Marvel hero" sounds wacky enough to be a dream.

i think i would be the same way if i had a roommate. i have this alarm that is really loud and it shakes my bed because i don't wake up on time

looking at the times u listed, it sounds like yall should be waking up at the same time... she shouldn't need a series of alarms to get up

Hello! I am the male equivalent of your roommate! please, feel free to be annoyed my the constant alarms while we sleep like babies :D

If I was your roommate, I'd make sure you didn't get to sleep. Even if I had to dump you out of the bed onto the floor to do it.

good luck! I have rolled off the top bunk of the bed I shared with my brother when I was young and slept through it