By fckdorms - United States - Columbia
Today, like every other day, my roommate's alarm began to go off at 7:30am. What time does she have to wake up? 10:00am. Why does she have her alarm go off for two and a half hours? Because last semester she needed it to go off then and she is too lazy to change it. FML
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By  IorvethTheXolo  |  8

It's only been happening to me for the past few days since our schedules changed, but my husband's alarm went off this morning at 6 when he had to be up at 10. I apparently fell asleep on the couch, but the bedroom door was open and that damn alarm went off every hour for four hours. It takes me FOREVER to fall asleep so it would go off again just as I managed to drift off.

Personally, if it happens again, I intend to just unplug the damn thing.

  GhostFox  |  33

Or you're all right, and OP's husband should change the alarm because it is set for him, but 3 also should have done something more active about the alarm, like waking her husband up and asking him to fix it.

And then if he doesn't, retribution is fair play.