By Anonymous - 16/01/2015 18:51 - Norway - Bergen

Today, like every day, I woke up at 3 in the morning because my roommate needs "a three hour warning" before his real alarm goes off. His alarm is a constant beeping noise which he always ignores for a good 10 minutes before finally getting up and turning it off. FML
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Is your roommate even human? Who the hell decides to voluntarily wake up at 3 AM??

Set an even louder alarm for 2:50 am. :)


Is your roommate even human? Who the hell decides to voluntarily wake up at 3 AM??

32. Voluntary? Yeah, no I'd rather sleep.

Mutants that need to lay their eggs in the cool morning so their young are able to mature before the morning sun rises and gently lures them out of their tiny gelatinous cocoons. Once hatched the young mutant will go out into the world to purchase highly irritating alarms to annoy roommates and suckle on their endless hatred. They feed on hate.

Trying too hard, 35.

@#1 some people have to go to work at 5/6 am, and they commute. When i had some temporary holiday job, i used to wake up at 3.30 to be at work at 5 am, not the greatest situation in world :F

I do the same thing. not every night, but because it's nice to wake up and realize i still have a couple more hours of sleep.

@40. Op says it is a warning alarm that goes off three hours before the alarm he needs to get up for. So he probably doesn't need to be anywhere until after 7.

Patrick Star, that's who

I actually have my alarm a couple hours early, because I am a heavy sleeper, and I always sleep through the first couple of alarms. I keep them hours apart because I like knowing that I have time to sleep left and I can't keep them minutes apart because even if I wake up, I tell myself that 5 minutes can't be so bad and I end up missing my classes. I can understand OP's roommate, except OP's roommate is still in the wrong because I live with other people so I just close my door, lower the volume on my alarm, then keep it directly under my ear so only I will wake up. FYL OP

I actually have 6 alarms set to wake me up in the morning! Starting at 5am and going every 30 minutes. Don't know why I started doing that but I can't wake up without them now!

40-That's not voluntarily. You NEEDED to wake up early to get to work. OP's roommate does not.

Well I wouldn't say voluntary, maybe this isn't as such a normal occurrence as OP claims and their roommate has just been working a lot in the past couple of weeks. I used to have a job where I needed to be at work and clocked in by 3am. I would set about six alarms starting at 11pm or 12am.

i have alarms going off for three hours before my actual alarm :p

sorry to hear that OP, sounds annoying. you should talk to them about it, or just turn it off yourself.

Turn off his alarm

or swap the batteries with a dead set so the roommate can't blame op.

Set an even louder alarm for 2:50 am. :)

Calm down satan.

And the alarm should play "How You Like Me Now?" by The Heavy.

The first time I slept over at my friends house. We had school the next day. She said "Just a heads up, my alarms pretty loud. I'm a heavy sleeper." Really did NOT prepare me. She had her iPod, hooked up to two big speakers. Both at maximum volume. With the sound of a continuous AIR HORN at 5 am!!! She had this right by her head by the way! I was sleeping three rooms down from her. I woke up and literally fell off the couch. Had to slap my friend up. Her alarm from hell was STILL going off and it didn't wake her up yet.

@59 I'd say your friend likely has severe hearing damage which has no doubt been getting worse over time.

Yeahhhhh, I'd probably try to find a new roommate...I have a warning alarm before my actual alarm as well, but it's only set for 10 minutes. 3 hours is a bit insane...

That would beep very annoying. I am alarmed at this behaviour. That would not be a minute annoyance. I think ive done all.

I've heard that a bucket of water is a great alarm.

Or an airhorn

He needs to clock out and head to bed a little earlier because what he's doing would tick me off.

I think I might have killed my roommate by now if I were you.

I love my sleep, to the point where that would drive me insane and I would shut his alarm off while he was sleeping and throw it out the window or bash it with a hammer. But that's me. You should talk to him about it or find a more suitable roommate if possible.