By Anonymous - 06/09/2010 18:01 - United States

Today, I woke up to the sound of my roommate's alarm clock going off at 6:00 in the morning. His bedroom door was locked, and he was passed out in his bed from drinking too much. It rang continuously for five and a half hours before it finally ran out of batteries. FML
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I hear my brother's alarm clock go off too and he doesn't do shit about it till bout an hour later and it's annoying as hell. I feel your pain, dude.

You should've kicked the door in and woke his ass up.


I hear my brother's alarm clock go off too and he doesn't do shit about it till bout an hour later and it's annoying as hell. I feel your pain, dude.

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Take your brothers alarm then. Problem solved. Hammers are also a good fix.

It doesn't happen all the time, just sometimes. When it does, I usually just go up to the 3rd floor. But what I don't get is how does the whole 2nd floor can hear it and he doesn't wake up. O_o

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He probably does hear it but is so used to it that his brain just filters out the sound. That's why you change your alarm sound like every 2 weeks =)

my 8 year old brother has an alarm too and he never wakes up to turn it off. Instead I turn it off and punch him till he wakes up. jk, but I do get pissed at him

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Assume that it is a bomb and call the bomb squad. Your brother should learn to wake up after the first time. If he doesn't you can always assume that it is a beacon that is broadcasting military secrets to china and then you should call the CIA saying you have information about a Chinese spy living under the alias of your brother. But thats just what I would do. You have to make your own decisions.

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i think everyone can relate. ._.

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I find this extremely hilarious, but I feel your pain. I once forgot that the power went out so my alarm went off at midnight... I didn't know what was happening so I hit snooze and it stopped. I woke up every 9 minutes until 5 when my dad came in and unplugged it ;)

I think we all know someone like this. Screw you if you (in general) are one, bc people like you piss me off. OP, at least he was pretty damn late for whatever he had to get up early for.

lucky for you it wasn't plugged into the wall

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f- his life for waking up five and a half hours late.

update the FML app for iPhone asap. no more scrolling through stupid replies.

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fyl for being too stupid to remove batteries...

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Just bang the door as loud as you can

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at least it wasn't a wall plug in!

Lol at least it wasnt one of those u plug in :)

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I guess it was (puts on sunglasses) alarming

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you should of climbed the window if not when he finally came out beat the shiit out if him

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should've. *** That's a pet peeve of mine. I'm not going to touch on the other mistakes, don't worry.

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bitch* pmsl, that was supposed to be sarcastic.. right ? ^_~

This is why the NINTH thing I look for in living arrangements is how the other people are.

yeah, that hardly makes sense as wit at all.

#11 looks like a fat-ass version of the ginger in the Harry Potter movies. You fail at being attractive.

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