By MrsRODixon - United Kingdom - Pencoed
Today, I received an urgent call from my son's nursery asking me to collect him, saying he was, "lethargic, complaining about being ill and crying". I get there and he's running around, playing and admits he just wanted to come home. They still made me take him home. FML
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  Obito_Rocks  |  6

Honestly, the kid wouldn't just say that, and if he was acting they should've kept him away from the other kids or something. Sounds like he annoyed them into getting him sent home.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

In the daycare's defence, the kid was crying and acting sick all day. If they let him stay, he may have just continued to do that. On the other side too, how do they know that he's not just saying that now. This whole thing kind of depends on the kids age I think. If he's only 2 or 3 then he probably needed to be with his mom. The kid was actually crying for his parents all day, so whether he was faking it or not, he wanted to be home bad enough that he was crying all day. I kind of see their point.

  PennyLane27  |  32

#3- Right with you! Early childhood educators know 1) kids new to daycare will have a difficult time adjusting at first 2) how to engage the child's attention elsewhere 3) not to call parents unless it's critical- emergencies or if the child is throwing up/has diarrhea, or a fever. They can also tell when a child is faking.... because *gasp* children do that.

I'm annoyed for OP. Not at her son, but at the daycare providers. Her son was experiencing anxiety.

  Obito_Rocks  |  6

#41 Well exactly, the point we're making is that they are a bad nursery. Doesn't matter if the believed a little kid's acting (especially if he was running afterwards) or if they sent him home for annoying them, I can't think of an explanation in which they didn't make some kind of mistake.

Source: I work with little kids every week

  liv421  |  2

Uh.. even though it shouldn't be by "kicking his ass", the child still needs to be taught. The worst thing you can do to your child is refrain from punishing them when they need it.

By  Steffi3  |  40

Sounds like someone should get some form of punishment

By  jqmalang  |  17

You have to have a plan to discipline your child. Some parents choose physical abuse which is okay as long as you don't go too far. and other parents discipline them with psychology which I think is the best option.

  Welshite  |  39

#11: Physical abuse is never okay. I was physically and emotionally abused as a child, and the long term effects interfere in my daily life. Do us all a favor and never procreate.

  Fayern  |  13

Please never have children or pets if you think any form of abuse is okay. There is no 'okay' or 'too far' because all abuse bad for a child or otherwise.


While physical "abuse" is never ok, forms of physical punishment are sometimes warranted. For example, when I was little, my little brother broke the door and told my mom to f*** off. She then proceeded to spank the living sh** out of him, and guess what? He will never be that disrespectful again.

  blindkid1790  |  12

there is nothing wrong with spanking a child. there is a difference between a spanking and a beating. I have had both and come out just fine. I know what is right and what is wrong.

  jqmalang  |  17

#32, that's what I'm trying to say here. Spanking is still physical abuse and I did mention about not going too far and beating the kid. I've been physically disciplined and I'm a better person with it. I just hope others who replied will understand, but doubts will remain.

  Flyndaran  |  10

Beatings don't always work. My parents quickly learned that that nonsense just meant I destroyed property around the house. They escalated, then I escalated. They blinked first, because they weren't ready to actually cause long term injury.