By Anonymous / Sunday 16 November 2014 03:44 / Australia
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  aleahlioness  |  15

I don't know why you and others are referring to OP as "she." Their gender wasn't revealed. To me, it makes more sense that OP would be male due to the father's threatening them if they dropped out, yet also saying that women shouldn't go to uni. But we can't be sure.

  JayGatsby  |  25

#42, I assumed OP was a woman because when OP said that the father was the same man who threatened to kick her out if she dropped university, I thought it was to be ironic, which would only make sense if OP was a girl.


Today, I got my wedding photos back from my sister, a "professional" photographer who offered to do our wedding as a gift. It turns out that not only did she not catch most of the ceremony or reception, but all of the outdoor photos feature a large garbage bag in the background. FML

By Dreamcatcher1229 - / Wednesday 4 September 2013 07:23 / United States - Long Beach
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