By concom - 27/05/2015 19:40 - Cyprus

Today, I finally found my watch after weeks searching for it. It was on my teacher's wrist. FML
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Pstraka6 20

Make sure it's the exact same watch first before making an accusation and then report the jerk!


Be careful of what such teacher might teach you!

It's pretty nice of the teacher to hold on to the watch for weeks though

"Hold on" , I think that is called stealing

Watch-out for kleptomaniac teachers!

I can't even pretend to know what that means

Kleptomaniac's are people who are prone to stealing beyond their control.

Tbh the only way I knew what that meant was from playing sims and picking out their traits.

Pstraka6 20

Make sure it's the exact same watch first before making an accusation and then report the jerk!

It's he said she said, and administrators will always side with the adult/teacher. He needs pretty severe concrete evidence to get the administrators to give him his watch back and fire the teacher.

This exact situation happened to me once. I pulled the whole "nice watch! I used to have one just like it but I lost it recently" and luckily for me the teacher was honest and said they'd got it from the lost and found

#11, I'm pretty sure there's a recent FML that just disproved that.

#23, I highly doubt it, take a step back and evaluate the situation. If you could walk up to the school administrator and say "this teacher stole my watch" and get your teachers watch and have them lose their job, there would be a lot less teachers out there. The school board will need CONCRETE evidence to take the watch and fire the teacher, because they will have to pay the teacher a pension. The cops will mostly be involved. I don't understand how OP's word will be enough. Even friends saying that OP used to own a watch like that wouldn't be enough

#23 was referring to the fml about the kid trying to bribe his teacher then reporting him for taking it when he refused to. The principal instantly believed the douchebag kid.

amileah13 26

Yikes. Some teacher of yours! Hopefully it's just a simple thing like your teacher has the same one because it's popular or something, but it'd be pretty shitty if he did take it.

Watch out for such teachers in future.