By Anonymous - 10/12/2010 23:59 - United States

Today, while browsing YouTube, I looked at the section "Recommended for You." I saw a video titled "How to get a girlfriend." Even YouTube thinks I can't get one. FML
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If youtube says so, it must be true...FYL

How stupid do you take us for? We all know YouTube doesn't think. It knows.


If youtube says so, it must be true...FYL

you're looking on the wrong "tube" try redtube or youjizz

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i believe nothing, unless google backs it up ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

All you need to get a girlfriend is $50 - tell that to YouTube.

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trust YouTube its only trying to help you.

YouTube recommended me to subscribe to Justin Bieber.

anyone who wastes their life on FML cant get one, including me. and everyone knows that.

that's not true if u kno me. and btw op i am not joking but i read YouTube as redrube;;

waisting time on FML will disable you to get one? I disagree, ask my girlfriend...

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67, I didn't know blow-up dolls could talk?

69- Your name is ILoveMyArm ... you know.

This happened to me too.. Except youtube wanted me to watch "How to give a *******"

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says the chick with the short chubby guy. I'd say you're owned

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he isn't chubby, he's wearing multiple shirts to cover the lingering smell of family issues and no self respect.

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Don't be rude. They look happy. Next...

I love how y'all hate on her for having a short boyfriend when the point here is that she atleast has someone.

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ruby you should say that people are chubby... cuz youre fat

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Well... Can you? No? Then watch the damn video and learn how to get a girlfriend.

you deserve it for looking up things relevant to that nature

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YouTube likes to mess with the less fortunate

Dude it's Youtube. If it thinks so then of course it's right! Just Like Elmo Because He's A Pimp!(found on youtube. see?)

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aha you've got the right idea.

How stupid do you take us for? We all know YouTube doesn't think. It knows.

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you're smart & pretty... & although your comment sucks, I admire your personality

Ruby, I like how you have an opinion about everything.

look who's saying it. one with the 12 unposted fmls???

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Prove youtube wrong. Get the girlfriend without looking at the video. Dont waste your time bitching about it on FML. You know what? I really dont give a ****. In my experience, most women are annoying as shit and not worth the effort. i much rather prefer xbox live to dating any girl lol :)

If you find most women annoying, you're attracted to the wrong sort.

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Somebody has to come to the realization that girls aren't as important as xbox live. Sadly, that's just GAY!

Oh lord... He is a nerd and most likely CAN'T get a girlfriend.

#10 don't mislead the young fml commenters with your nerdy gay ways of living.. and don't cover up your unattractiveness by saying you don't want a girl

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#10 is smart, you're all just jealous of his emotional independence! you've got the right idea dude, I completely agree, although I have the same thoughts about guys but you've got the concept right!

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10..................... Have a threesome!!!

lol 61 him his xbox and (if possible) his girl x)

Well if that isn't denial in it's purest form, I don't know what is. I do like the fact that you said you don't want a girl, like you honestly think you have the choice. When something is out of reach, we learn to live without. It's kind if like evolution, but nerdier. I hope your penis enjoys being shoved into your xBox. It's clearly the only box you'll ever experience.

uhhh… dude, this is FML! your supposed to bitch about stuff stupid!

your supposed to bitch about stuff on FML dumb ass

whata loser! u perfer video gamess over a girl? wow no wonder ur commenting on this fml.

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They recommend a lot of Cure songs for me. :) Anyways, if you're so concerned with this then try being a little more social. You're not going to find a girlfriend while viewing videos of that sort on YouTube. Eh... well you might. Just very unlikely.

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YouTube recommended "The Cure" to me too!