By Cristie - 30/09/2011 05:01 - Canada

Today, as I was training a new guy at work, my husband spent half the day creeping outside in his truck. FML
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OP should do the same thing at her husbands job.

15 - He's a professional creeper, she'd just give him away if she did that

He just wants to make sure he doesn't rear end you with his own personal truck.;)

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Haha give him something to creep about.

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That is one scary looking Sponge Bob.

16, so professional that he gets caught...

I'm pretty sure that's what professional means...

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Wait, is he doing the creep? "hawwwwwwwww" (:


well at least he cares about u...

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38- you have a good point. Some jealousy is alright but in this case seems a bit unnecessary.

Maybe he's been watching too much ****

def a little overboard, unless she cheated in past or said the new cute trainee or something like that

Awful! I wonder if the guy you were training knew? That'd be so embarrassing!

Oh, I'm sure the new guy thought that OP had an extra shadow that was both male and sentient.

Jealousy is a sickness, he better get some rest

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There is no point in wearing two watches

77 - sure there is, you can compare the two times and if they are different, take the avereage as being the 'real' time. OR if they are showing different times you can point to the slower one to argue that you were right on time for work and then use the faster one to determine when to leave work :-)

Oh my god, be glad someone didnt call the cops, that'd be and awkward time "no that's just my husband" acotaco

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He's creeping in his truck, stalking your business up!

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so you need to hide the trainee, hide yourself and hide period because he's stalking errybody out there

You don't have to come and confess; you're already here. We can still see you. We can see you.

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He can run and tell that run and tell that home home home home homeboy

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Oh, aha sorry I've only seen the actual video. (:

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Your husband is just making sure this new guy is not a weirdo. What if he finds out the new guy has some weird kinky fetish for Dora and Barney.

"I hope she doesn't see me, I hope she doesn't seem me, OH SHIT! (ducks down) I think she saw me"...