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Today, I spent hours debating with a lady who claimed she'd spent years "studying the big bang theory". Not only did she not know the scientific meaning of the word "theory", her killer argument was "If the big bang happened, where are the fossils?" I'm not sure whether or not I just got trolled. FML
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There's trolling, and then there's just flat-out stupidity.

Pssh, obviously the fossils were eaten by unicorns. Everyone knows dinosaur bones are the primary source of nutrition for unicorns. And unicorn blood is the primary nutrition of Dark Lords. It's the circle of life.


There's trolling, and then there's just flat-out stupidity.

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Why did you waste the time arguing with the lady? Y'all both need to get a life

Alabama, 'nuff said. Unless you're in the Huntsville area, because NASA.

God put fossils on the Earth to test our loyalty to Him! SCIENCE IS A LIE MADE UP BY THOSE WHO REFUSE GOD'S LOVE!!

55, I sincerely hope you're using sarcastic badly. On another note: morons, morons everywhere!

#55's bio says they are a die hard troll, ignore them. He really is an awful troll aswell, first rule of trolling, you don't flat out tell people you're trolling them. The jokes on 55 and his terrible attempt to piss people off.

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On the bright side, this is the first time in a long time that I've seen someone use the word "troll" correctly in the Internet sense of the word.

**knock-knock-knock** Penny, **knock-knock-knock** Penny, **knock-knock-knock** Penny!

#77: that's exactly what I thought! My assumption thus is that she has been studying The Big Bang Theory on TV, most probably in a Pennyistic way (no offence for Pennys all over the world).

That is so stupid even I have no idea what the heck she was on about.

If they have no idea what she's on about, then I guess they did get trolled.

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Hey now, we're not all freaking dumbasses! I side with both religion and science and avoid arguements where they conflict :)

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#36, just to maybe clear some things up, I was referring to the woman, not you. I personally don't see why to two can't intertwine, but that's just me.

#53 the two contradict each other too much.

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And the FML begins to repeat, 64 :)

#64 Some people believe God created the big bang and the dinosaurs. Believing in science and religion aren't necessarily exclusive.

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Idiots believe doctrines that were made by humans as an interpretation of the bible. For instance, if genesis is to be read literally, the earth is 6000 years old. Obviously not true. And then there's evolution which supposedly contradicts the idea that god magically made humans. He could have, but all evidence indicates otherwise.

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Like I said, they can intertwine.

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Just curious, but how is 6000 years inaccurate?

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Because of a little thing called "cosmology" 89

#64 they can actually compliment each other

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IYou can interpret the bible, not all of it's literal. For example, do I believe that Moses with gods help parted the red sea, no, but I do believe god went through great links and helped the Jews through Moses, and the red sea is a metaphor to show the great links that god went through to help the Jewish people. Also, if you're going to toss around modern science says this, and modern science says that, you've got to realize that the ancient Greeks had arguably the most advanced medical technology and knowledge of their time period, but they also thought you could Iive without a heart.

64 - I've actually watched a program on TV where they proved Bible stories to be physically and naturally possible using science. It was intriguing, actually. I believe that religion and science can totally go hand-in-hand with each other, if you keep and open mind. 89 - Because the Earth is not only 6,000 years old. Try 4.54 billion.

#73: They're not automatically mutually exclusive. However, science is based around the (wait for it!) scientific method, meaning that a hypothesis must be backed up by observed reality. If it isn't, it is discarded or amended. A theory, in the scientific sense, is just a collection of related hypotheses that have stood the test of time. Religion, on the other hand, generally values a faith-based approach. You're supposed to accept things without being given any evidence, with the only reason being 'because we said so'. Sometimes, if observed reality runs counter to a religious teaching, this is seen as a 'test of faith'. The Catholic doctrine of 'transubstantiation' is a good example of this 'it is true because all the evidence shows it is false' ass-backwards way of thinking that typifies many religions.

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Humanity is so bright. Don't you just love being surrounded by bright people? :)

I prefer to be surrounded by idiots, it makes me look good! Fortunately, this is easy to do.

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"It's hard to believe in God when we learn that life began with the Big Bang " Denise Bombardier

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Thing is its called a theory so we dont know it was cause by a cosmic explosion. Not to mention the odds of it happening according to scientist is counsidered impossible

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There is no "impossible", but merely a "so unlikely that we should not reasonably expect it to happen" but the fact, that some event did happen does not allow any assertions about it's likelyhood. Maybe if it hadn't happen we would not be here to discuss it but we are.

Pssh, obviously the fossils were eaten by unicorns. Everyone knows dinosaur bones are the primary source of nutrition for unicorns. And unicorn blood is the primary nutrition of Dark Lords. It's the circle of life.

This is the best comment I've seen in my life.

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Does this woman work in Obama's cabinet?