By Hurrikhan - 23/03/2013 11:43 - New Zealand - Christchurch

Today, I lost my dog and so I put up 'lost' signs. As I was coming back home I noticed one had been written on. It said: "Found your dog. Keeping it". FML
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I guess you can hope the person hasn't really seen your dog and is just playing a sick joke?

That's why you should always probe your dog with a censor.


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NickaPLZ 26

Side note, how are people voting YDI? You must be gingers...

Yeah...ginger cats, who were terrorized by OP's dog.

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Op should have not lost his dog, that's how. I'm no ginger but that was uncalled for dick!

Then are you a ginger too? Because people are thumbing you down. --Do you see how silly your comments is yet?:P

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24 - Dogs get out, it just happens. No matter how secure their living space is. Not necessarily OP's fault. You clearly don't have a dog.

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This whole thread has gone to shit.

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39 - gone to shit? It started as shit.

24 - I'm sure OP didn't go out thinking "ooh let me lose my dog"... What a thing to say!

No, the "fake" ****. What the hell is an "actual ****"?

#69 don't worry about it, it's a lot more satisfying when you don't know it's a fake ****.

69- it doesn't matter what **** it is, all that matters is that you said the word **** in comment #69

That's why you should always probe your dog with a censor.

A thing that sends out a signal so you can track your dog. In Belgium we call it a cencor, srry for my english.

In Flamish? Because here in the Netherlands such a device is called a ''sensor''.

Dogs don't have freedom of speech, hence the censor.

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What he is trying to say is that if possible, install a beacon that can be tracked in case your dog gets lost.

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I would call the police and report your dog stolen. That sucks op

Thank you, 91! It's a microchip to keep track of your dog or any animal. Most pounds already implant them so if the animal gets lost or stolen, it can be found and prove ownership of the animal. I hope OP has one so they can get their dog back.

Do you mean a microchip? Being probed with a censor sounds perverted and sadistic...

Hey! You're barking up the wrong tree with insensitive jokes like that.

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you're barking up the wrong tree with these puns mate

skeptic54 8

Ah shit tourrettesguy, didn't realise I stole your comment. how about, I guess you could say he's a cat burglar

Listen skeptic54, your pun was just a pile of steaming shitzhu

C'mon #76 if you don't hound him so much his puns will get better!

skeptic54 8

ALL HAIL TO THE MASTER! I am in sheer terrier at your prowess. Now be a good boy fetch me another one just like it, these things are giving me a new leash on life!

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Dog gone it stop taking all the good puns

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Damn. Must of the good pugs are gone.

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No because a puff would give it back, must be a slytherin.

Hufflepuffs are particularly good finders

bamagrl410 31

I can't believe 4 got thumbed down for that. Kids these days. They don't know their Harry Potter facts well enough.

25-How dare you speak ill of my house. Avada Kedavra!!!!

#67 its my house to. Don't judge a person until you know there house.

must've been draco malfoy, the little shit. rumbleroar will hear of this.

Malfoy could take the dog to pigfarts if he had a rocketship

I guess you can hope the person hasn't really seen your dog and is just playing a sick joke?

iOceanus 18

I'm sure a quick call to Liam Neeson would put things in order.

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Probably some douchebag just messing with you, keep searching, and good luck finding your dog!

Even if it is just a joke, it's a cruel one at that. If it isn't a joke, then that isn't okay. While, yeah, microchips are handy, not everyone can afford them.

With all of the free dogs in the Christchurch pounds after the earthquakes, this is truly a shitty thing to do. So many dogs are being put down because they can't find forever homes and some asshole steals your dog OP!? That really sucks!

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Wow. I wish microchips were only $20 here. I spent around $400-$500 to get both of my kittens chipped and spayed :/

Yeah, where I live they cost around $100-200

Did you guys rescue your animals from a shelter or pound? They are free, already implanted with a microchip before the animal can be adopted.

Ask around, I you live in a small comunity there is bound to be someone who know who has a 'new' dog. Perhaps someone just wrote that on the posters to troll and your dog may still be out there. Chin up OP. And if someone did take your dog, kick his/her ass.

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Your dog has been taken. They can't be that far away! Just get Niam Leeson to help you.

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No no, it's Liam Neeson from the alternate universe where he's a dog.

Tigerblossom 19

Whoa... My bad. I totally messed up his name.

"I won't find you… I won't kill you… because I don't give a shit." -Niam Leeson.