By WTFLY - 23/03/2013 08:17 - United States - Hilo

Today, a small fly flew straight up into my nose. I spent 10 minutes trying to blow/scratch/pick it out to no avail. I can still feel it moving. FML
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hellachillin 8

I know this old lady who snorted a fly, i dont know why she snorted a fly, perhaps she'll die

This post just laid eggs in my brain and I can feel em creepin me the hell out!!! So gross!!!


jem970 19

Oh my god that is so gross! I had one fly in my mouth once... soooooo nasty.

asnakelovinbabe 16

It will probably eventually make it's way down the throat and be swallowed. I hope OP was hungry. I did have a small fly go up my nose once and it was UNGODLY insanely uncomfortable! Luckily I sneezed him out. He died.

There was an old lady who swallowed a fly. I don't know why she swallowed the fly. Perhaps she'll die

Did your bf tell you to shut up?

jem970 19

I remember that poem... still fucking creepy. And to asnwer the question yes he did. I slapped him. :-) thanks for asking. Just kidding!

skeptic54 8

Get some bug spray. you know what you gotta do

Ok OP. tickle your nose, or gently breath in ground pepper, make sure when you sneeze you breath through your mouth in and close it to get a full sneeze. Blast that mother right outta there!

This post just laid eggs in my brain and I can feel em creepin me the hell out!!! So gross!!!

Don't go to Alaska during summer time and ride a mountain bike. You'll be bound to have mosquitos (which is jokingly called the state's bird due to their outrageously huge size) land in your eyes, nose, and mouth. I couldn't stand it and I definitely don't miss it.

NickaPLZ 26

Doctor. Now. Get sedated or something. I wouldn't be able to deal with that. Good luck.

they wouldn't sedate you over this they would just send you home and tell you to suck it up "literally"

I would be in the ER so fast before it could lay eggs... ewe!!!!

Tigerblossom 19

That is the worst feeling... Gives a new meaning to having a stuffed nose....

hellachillin 8

I know this old lady who snorted a fly, i dont know why she snorted a fly, perhaps she'll die

The only solution now is to let a spider crawl up there and sort the fly out.

#17 - Have you no consideration for the consequences of letting a spider up there?! It is only logical to send in a bird to clean up that mess once it's been made.

asnakelovinbabe 16

#23. Are you crazy? How are you gonna take care of the bird? Better send a cat up there!

Who had a nose big enough to fit a cat? O.o I'm now picturing someone with a nose twice the size of their head!

25, that'll never work. After the cat, you'd have to send a Chinese food restaurant up there to get rid of it!

#25 If you do that you'll have to send a dog to get the cat, to get the bird, to get the spider, to get the fly but I just don't know why see snorted that fly. perhaps she'll die

Or, my favorite: There once was a Cajun who swallowed a gnat, why he do dat? (no offense meant, it's a real book)

You won't offend any Cajuns BC we all had that book read to us in kindergarten.

I'm sorry but the dog won't work either. You'll have to send a cow. The cow will do the job

Were all those rhymes intentional Dr. Seuss?

Threads like this make life worth living.

A gnat, spider, bird, cat, dog, cow, Chinese restaurant. This sounds like an excellent cartoon. Something Seth Macfarlane would make. Or just cartoon movie about these animals in a folk band and Chinese restaurant being their favorite place to eat.

buy some strong nosespray and kill that nasty thing before you get more than just the one up there! I'd be paranoid as fuck

Where's the NetiPot?!

Omg. That's so uncomfortable. Lol.

vadaaa 11

Maybe that's why it was posted on FML, detective.

SenselessPattern 12

It's elementary, my dear Watson?

Snort it in and swallow it.

You'll eventually sneeze...

If you can't get it out soon, get to the doctor. Even though it will die, it will rot and cause worse problems.

sorry complete and utter bullshit