Here boy!

By DrakeB - 20/01/2013 16:34 - United States - Seattle

Today, I found a lost dog and called the owner. When he arrived, I thought it would be cute to put the dog down so he would run back into his owner's arms, like in movies. As soon as I put the dog down, it ran away again. FML
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There goes your reward money.

That dog is an asshole, but I bet the owner hates their life more. I can see it now: "today my dog ran away...twice. FML."


There goes your reward money.

1- OP was probally like, " Wait! Reward mon.... errr, I mean dog come back!

Maybe the owner is abusive... Personal experience says that to me. Dogs have a tendency to pick someone to be buddies for life. Then again the dog could think this was a game... He won in that case

True that! I have two JRTs and they are spring loaded! I live in a highly populated rabbit area and its a pain to ensure they don't bolt out of the door after one.

My dog is eleven years old. He's been with us since he was eight months and is absolutely spoiled. The other day he woke up from the full sized bed he sleeps in ALONE and ran out the door when my mom left it open too long. I had to chase him down the block. Some dogs just like to run. He usually thinks it's a game when we chase after him.

They might have had a kid who went off to college and the dog took over that bed. Or maybe they have a guest room and the dog sleeps there when there is no guest. It's not like they are taking a bed away from some kid on the street.

Yeah, it's not like we bought the bed specifically for the dog...LMAO. What happened was: My sister moved into her own apartment near her college, so she took her bed, and we got a bed (secondhand from a friend) to put into the room as a guest room/her room when she stays with us. He's just claimed it as his own when no one is sleeping in it.

#57, Sorry you got so down-voted. Your heart is in the right place. There're foster and street kids who'd be delighted with a bedroom and family dog to share.

With my dog I don't walk him on a leash at all. I'll take him down to a lake and he'll just sprint all over the place, he comes back of course. But if we leave a door open for him he doesn't run away. I guess it's because he knows that I'll give him time to run anyway, and so he doesn't need a special opportunity to sneak off by himself

This is dog... Not a kid

My brother walks my dog without a leash and doesn't run away. I need to walk him with a leash just in case there are other dogs around. Luckily he hasn't really ran away, he loves his home with us :)

My dog would run, but she always comes back because she knows where the food is. My older male dog would run and not come back until we find and get him. If you have a ball, with her atleast. Everything does not exist. Could walk though 500 dogs and she won't take her eyes off the ball.

it means jack russel terrier

Well OP tht just sucks don't u kno tht REAL life ISN'T like the movies

At least there are people who can form complete, grammatically correct sentences like you in real life!

What about the movies based on true events?

Most films based on true events still have a hell of a lot of artistic license used in them. It's rare that you'll find a film which is completely based on reality without any dramatisation or exaggeration.

What about Texas Chainsaw Massacre that shit was pretty convincing...

Movies that are completely based on true events are usually called documentaries.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is LOOSELY based on real facts. In real life there was no chainsaw wielding guy, the character is based on a real dude who took already dead people and made skin suits. He potentially killed 2 people who looked like his mom. So yeah, TCM may LOOK convincing, but it has very few tre facts.

Those usually suck too, I must add.

Even those are usually exaggerated.

And little do you know, that's how it got lost in the first place

the pup wasnt ready to go home

He's waiting for the owner of his dreams

That guy must be a really bad dog owner...

I'm tired of all this "Ownerism", its not like its always the owners fault! Maybe the dog is bad? Hmmm? Did you ever think of that you "Ownerist"?

Actually, some dogs ARE extremely rowdy and very hard to train, even from puppyhood. Yes, it is the owner's responsibility to guide the animal, but that can prove to be extremely difficult, especially with very energetic dogs. On the other hand, it could be that the dog doesn't like its living situation, but it's good to know that there is more than one possibility. I mean rather than assuming that its owner is abusive or something along those lines.

Not necessarily, I have a husky and the thing with them is no matter how good you are to them, they run away.

Carmstro is right. I almost adopted a husky. Thank god I read up on them fully before saying I'd take it. I read that a husky owner had to fence in his entire yard and enclose the top and have fencing extending inwards under the ground because his husky would climb over fences. And no matter how much training you give them they will run away if they see something they want. Some breeds are very hard to train and even then are not very obedient.

Yes, huskies especially. When I was younger we had 2 miniature husky/terrier mixes in our family and no matter what we tried, controlling them was impossible. Also, keep in mind that these ones only weighed about 20-25 pounds in comparison to a full-sized, pure bred husky.

Sometimes it doesn't even have anything to do with the breed but the dog itself. My maltese thinks that me chasing her around the neighborhood is the funnest game ever.

sounds like it

It's still usually the owners fault. They don't have to be abusive or even a bad owner for it be their fault. If you know your dog has tendencies to run away or has a personality that can create potential problems then it's the owners responsibility to take all the necessary precautions.

The dog just ran off. It was never said the dog was in a state of panic as it ran.

#114, it is basically impossible to constantly keep extreme security with dogs that tend to run away. Example: having guests over who forget, and the dog slips out the door as the guest comes or goes. Accidents happen...not to mention the amount of insane stress it causes to continually wring your hands over your animal.

That dog is an asshole, but I bet the owner hates their life more. I can see it now: "today my dog ran away...twice. FML."

Why is the dog an asshole?

Because it ran away twice.

Because everything that happens in movies will definitely work in real life :P

And you thought that would work?

Never EVER do anything to be cute or think it's cute. If this site has taught anything is that the outcome is crap.

should have learned from the first time he ran away he was going to do it again. its like gravity, don't ever hop and expect to float in mid air

But if that doesn't work you should do it a second time though right?

If at first you don't succeed...

Secret to flying is to jump, aim at the ground, and miss ;)